Are there risks to taking lower paid jobs that don’t exemplify your skills while waiting for a better opportunity to come along?
YES: Taking a lower paying job exhausts your creative energy and may prevent you from finding the right one. I do not agree that it’s okay to take a lower-paying job while waiting for a better opportunity to come along. What if it comes along while you’re on the job? Additionally, while you’re slaving away at base wages, you’re not out there pursuing that dream job. It might seem like low-risk behavior to take on a job that’s beneath you to pass the time, but it could be the biggest mistake of your life.
NO: The benefits outweigh the risks in taking a lower paid job while waiting for a better opportunity. It does not look good on a resume to have a long period of time without work. Even if the job doesn’t exemplify your skills, you are showing your work ethic and can always explain what you were doing during this time. Most people can learn valuable lessons from any job. Take a lower paid job could also lead to better opportunities at a company, and be an important foot in the door.
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