READER’S MAIL: Should I Stop Spending Money on Men?


To LL Readers,
I am a 24 year old graduate. I have been unlucky with love. I had my first boyfriend in my first year in the university and he disvirgined me. He was also a student but he was two years ahead of me. He was my first love and I loved him with all my heart. I helped him financially all the time. I paid his school fees and hostel fees. I gave him money to buy clothes, I cooked for him with my money but I didn’t mind because I loved him. Click to continue…

He used to cheat a lot and would apologise whenever I caught him. I coped with him for almost 4years before calling it quit when I couldn’t cope anymore. Next, I fell in love with my classmate who was just a year older. My friends and family disapproved of him but I was too much in love to listen.
He was always very broke and I was always willing to help. His family treated me like I was part of them. On many occasions, I learnt him money he never paid back. I paid for his hospital bills whenever he was sick. I love hanging out, so he would invite his friends and I would bear the cost without minding. We were in love….or so I thought. Because just like a flash, he left me heart broken and I almost died. He was my best friend, my confidant. We laughed so hard whenever we were together and we hardly spent time apart.
Anyway, I am trying to heal now and I have a new guy I like but I’m scared to go into a relationship again. My friends have advised that I should no longer be the independent woman I used to be. That I must make my man spend for me and I should stop being an advocate of romance without finance. They also said I should never give my money to a man again, that he would only end up leaving me. What do u think?    

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