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Hello Ladun,
Please I need suggestions from LLB readers on this issue that has been bothering me for a while. I will try and keep this email short.
My name is Zainab but you can call me Zee. I am dating a very nice guy, (Mofe) 4 years older than me. I am 28 years old.  We were friends and knew each other for a period of time before deciding to become lovers. I moved from Abuja to be with him in Lagos and he got me a well paying job in a top business firm on the Island. He later proposed to me earlier this year and I accepted because I love him and he is a good man. Click to continue.

Now my problem is this, the SEX!! Since we started being intimate and having sex, I have NEVER had an orgasm with him during penetration! He has never been able to make me climax with his penis. He keeps thrusting for more 30 minutes and I just want him to get it over already and let me sleep. I have talked to him about it, and he even asks me after he ejaculates, if I came. I always say “almost did.”
I am a VERY physical and sexual person, and I request sex twice a day (not But I get horny A LOT! Sometimes he tells me he is not in the mood to go again. I know he cares about making me feel good and satisfy me, because anytime I tell him what direction/position I want, he listens and obeys. But I still can’t climax. Am I the only woman in this?? I do love it though when he uses his fingers, I actually climax if it’s his fingers but not his penis! And no his penis is not small or big. It is moderate and okay for me, I don’t like huge tools that rip me open abeg…lol.
Mofe has some weight on him and a bit of what we call “pot belly.” And sometimes that gets in the way, especially when I want to do it sitting down. His belly covers the tool so we always end up lying down. How do I tell him all this without bruising his ego?
I have been thinking if this how sex will be for the rest of my life? I want to know if I’m the only lady that can’t have an orgasm?? Am I sick and lone in this?
Thank you

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