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I just got off the phone with my husband and out of frustration I just need to vent on LLB. I just need to know if other women have this same issue with their husbands/ boyfriends. My husband and I have been married for 5 years and have children together but the dude is always rushing me off the phone and it is so annoying. Please click to continue.

I keep saying to myself, I wouldn’t call him for a week just to see if he will look for me or not but I have never actually got round to doing that because there is always something to talk to him about such as I am doing the grocery shopping is there anything out of the normal shopping list you would like or talk about picking the children from school, or just general gisting with him etc. we do gist but it’s always rushed.

When I do ask him why are you always rushing me off the phone, he says because I am working and I respond but I am at work too and I still call you or he responds that I am busy ( that could be true or that could be that he just watching Fringe or so on TV.
No, I do not think he is cheating well at least I am 90% sure he is not. Trust me I do some serious inspector gadget stuff that he is unaware off and before you guys says “well if u have to spy that means there’s no trust blah blah blah” well, it doesn’t mean there’s no trust. It just means I am not naïve.
He has told before I do nag a lot and yes I agree. The first step to recovery is admitting and taking responsibility, right?

Anyway just wanted to know how other wives deal with this “ I am busy please call me later” responds from Husbands/ boyfriends.


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