Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Top 7 Wowo Nigerian Comedians with Ogus Baba

Good day Ladies and Gentle men, Na Una Boy ooo Ogudu Akpos AKA Ogus Baba. How you today (una don chop today?) Well I want to use this medium to share some fun with you guys here, Thanks to Liadi for this opportunity to share my wonderful time with you here alone. A Big Kudos to her.

Back to business as we all know they say " Too much of talk is bad" Therefore; i will love to work with this Saying today.

Like this so eh forget talk give yo-yo plantain, Base on tradition, come to think of it, seriously, American Comedians are better than Nigerian Comedians, Una know say that one na big lie. Sha make that one no interrupt us. jor. Click to continue.

Ogus Baba

Why i talk like that? seriously if you see all these American comedians suit up you go like them but make Nigerian Comedian suit up heaven and earth you no go see difference, neva laugh o i no go too talk today because dem say na people wen get Big head and mouth dey talk people like my Brother Comedian Basket Mouth, No try am oo that guy fit talk from today till next generation.

Ask Basket Mouth

Ogus Baba :- Basket Mouth
Basket Mouth :- Eh!
Ogus Baba :- Shey dat tin wen i talk for up so na lie?
Basket Mouth:- For where who talk am say na lie? No be Lie oo I fit talk from today eh mstcheeew fit reach another world wen baba God go create sef.
Ogus Baba :- Hey stop it simple question Yes or No you won start put your own.

Ogus Baba Continue

So as we dey talk before that ugly boy interrupted. Come to think of it all American Comedians fine pass all Nigerian Comedians both female and male.. I Thank God say i no go talk too much as i have Photo backups for my talk. what i am trying to say is, which American Comedian you won use compare with Basket Mouth? As Basket mouth no dey make me rest of his Handsomeness and for my mind i dey laff am say, him wen be like monkey, Me sef wen manage handsome small, neva boost say i handsome, him wen be like monkey na him com dey make noise.

Compare List

I want you to do me a favour to compare this photos. lolz..
See as they wowo take Good look at Them what do you think?
Are Dey Not Ugly?

By Far this is the most ugly person i have ever seen in this world no qualifications for him. We know him as father of big eye.
Imagine, One day like dis wen dem dey give news for Silver Bird Television (STV) Na e dem mention one program Say na A.Y Show hmm na my pet dey gist me so o as i come na i ask my pet say wetin dem just talk for STV now.,
My Pet :- Dem Say weda na one program wey dem dey do say na A.Y Show na dem show one guy with Big Eye Say na Him get d show
Ogus Baba :- Big Eye? I just knw say na dat wowo boy A.Y dem talk so.. 
Come to think of it this guy fit scare person for night with this his big eye oo.
Preference Of Wowo

Introduction To Wowo
Basket Mouth
Monkey o, I no know why dis guy dey appear for everything on my list,
Monkies :- Leave am o! na our father be dat o we call am Father of Monkies in Monkey Kingdom
Ogus Baba :- Abeg make una vex, him belong sef no difference among una selves carry am go.
Monkies  :- Thank God Say u Know

I Go Die
OMG! why you create dis kind people for this earth na dem no belong jor shu person go wowo so te fowl sef feel am imagine one day wen my guy dey buzz for street as him dey waka dey go so him non know say Fowls sef know say this guy wowo and dey start monking the guy o
Fowls:- See am, wen him wowo finish so who follow am dey waka so if na like dem Eddie murphy now we go dey run follow dey but God catch you ..
I Go Die :- No be una fault i no blame una na Baba God  wen put me for dis condition
Fowls :- Lolz so him even get mouth to dey talk self. wowo boy.

I go die
 Basic Of Wowo

Gordon's is the most ugly Human being i have ever seen... Make him no deceive una o if i tell you say Gordons wowo for everyting Him voice be like Goat own na e make am dey do like goat at times so no be him fault because na everytime him dey complain give baba God..
Servant Of Wowo

Seyi Law
This Guy is Cute to Wowoness hehe i like dis guy so tey only call me for fone say Ogus Baba i say Eh I no be like others wen no fine but dem dey form say dem fine... Som times sef if i look mirror e go be like say make i vex break the mirror... Abeg I no fine jor
Chief Wowo

Omo Baba
See war b4 i won forget King of wowo A.K.A Omo Baba. This guy wowo so te wen baba God dey create am.. Lolz Guess What? Baba God Tire for him Creation lolz dis guy over wowo.. I present To you The King Of  Wowo
King Of Wowo

Ogus Baba
Na me fine pass self.. check me out.
Handsome Guy 
Heheh Thanks To Liadi Hope to have you guys some other time i know say dis one no too funny but am coming soon with best of me. Thanks All.. For The Read. Ogus Baba


  1. heheheheheh OMG Funny this guy

  2. LMAO funny this guy ooo hheheh badt compose

  3. ogus abi na werin u dey call yasef ....ok u claim say u fine ..ok ..but for that list na u BROKE PASS ..asin ur brokeness wowo too much ....asin ur brokeness na designer ...i want to blive this ya chicken move na to create awareness for yasef ..but then na talent and skillz dey pay the bill and not cheap shots my guy ...

    1. ₪ø̲̣̣ body say e ₪ø̲̣̣ dry even ogus himself admitted it........but commend him....all Ω̴̩̩̩̥α pattern nd packagin...way τ̅☺ g̶̲̥̅☺ Oguz..

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    1. Make d@ double yawn...whr r d punch lines pls?

    2. ONOME says.......
      Make it a triple yawn.Written comedy in pidgin or with slangs is difficult to read.The material is verbose. It's like a board exam. I may have enjoyed it if it was on tv. It's really really hard to read this.

  5. GReat one Ogus Baba I really love you

  6. *yawns* he's trying so hard its almost offensive.
    Written comedy requires a more constructive approach. Mr,pls go back 2 ur drawing table.

    1. My exact tots! It wasn't funny at all

  7. At Amebore Express Hmmm Broke Pass? hehe I no even won talk your sef.

  8. @ ameborexpress
    nice one but pls take it easy with guy ooo abeg

  9. oguz ,u wan talk my own ke .lol see u , but na u broke pass for that list and chances of u climbing that ladder is getting slimer by the day ...u don dey upcoming category for too long ..infact u suppose dey collect pension for that category by now sef ..u better wake up to the reality on ground and stop messing around on blogs

  10. WTF is this????

    1. LMFAO, I need an answer fast. Wtf really? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. BORING!!! Abeg Ladun I will rather u post shit from MTO and Bossip, don't bore us like this again abeg. Wtf??????

  11. This is so funny

  12. Dis bullshit........ Great shot though.

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    pls chck out this blog and post a comment

  14. Absolute bullshit

  15. seyi law fine pass ogus.....

  16. Ameborexpress..... You don mean this ogus o. Take it easy na.

  17. There is big difference between written humour and performance. U tried sha, but I was unable to smile let alone laugh. It was a chore to read, very labouring. PLEASE GO BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD. U aint a writer!

  18. what is this fuckery about?!

  19. Yawning tins. Abeg carry this ya dry talk shift. Didn't even read past the 2nd paragrph. Mscheeew

  20. Ogun's baba! Chai, i don laugh tire. Comot play, this is a joke, why take it serious?

  21. Shit isn't funny in written words.Audio would have been better.

  22. Very dry........

  23. The thing no make sense sef..


  24. Seriously Ogus, this ur joke ain't werking for me, no be by fineness dem they use rate comedians abeg, we their fans love them die, especially Gordons and I go dye! Don't pull someone else down inorder to climb up! You sound like an hater who is jealous, envious of these made guys

  25. Hehehe. Kinda funny. A comedian making fun of other comedians. Lol.

    Ladun I don't like criticizing you becos I know it is not easy trying to juggle ur job(that is if you have one) and blogging but next time you should edit this kind of entry. Make it short and help the writer pass his message across with fewer words.

  26. Really????? Is this supposed to be funny? I couldn't even force my self to laff. It even feels offensive. Bros....... Yabbing these people aint the way to go, especially when you're not funny. If they retaliate, even with one joke about you, your career is as dead as a monkey shaking its ass for a hungry lion. #okbye

  27. Yawn, he tried shaa... but I don't think he exist anymore... Hi ladun can I also send some of my written articles to you?