VIDEO: Frank Edoho & Zaaki Adzay’s Ex-wives open up about Domestic Violence Experiences


A documentary made on September 21st by the Wellbeing
Foundation Africa, the ex-wive of Frank Edoho, Obiang and the former wife of
Zaaki Adzay, Hadiza opened up on their domestic violence ordeals.

Frank Edoho’s Ex-Wife Recounts Her Ordeal
“Just to dare to argue with your husband is like a challenge
in your home,” Obiang who was once married to the ‘Who Wants To Be A
Millionaire’ host, Frank Edoho said. “The woman is challenging the man and
tempers flay and then you snap, then there is a slap. He says ‘I am sorry it is
a mistake’ then says ‘sorry I won’t do it again,’ then he does it again, again
and again.” Please click to continue.

Zaaki Adzay’s Ex-Wife Recounts Her Domestic Violence Ordeal

“He slapped me on the face so (and said) ‘get up you must
abort this pregnancy today. Now that I am married to you, you want to hook me
with pregnancy because I am a celebrity.’ Then there was a wardrobe in our room
so I put my tummy in there and backed him then he continued beating me. He had
some medicine in his hand and said I should swallow it and abort the pregnancy.
When he gave me I said he should allow me take water, thank God the door was
opened so I ran away.”
Below is a video they narrated their stories and other women

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