Tuesday, October 2, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: 20 Students Killed By Unknown Gunmen In Federal Poly Mubi

At least 20 students have been shot dead by unknown gunmen in Mubi, north-eastern Nigeria, a police source has told the BBC.

The attack happened at a student hostel away from the Federal Polytechnic Mubi campus, the source said.

A lecturer told the BBC that more than 40 students had been killed but there has been no official comment.Please click to continue.

The reported killing comes days after a major operation against the Boko Haram militant group in the town.

The lecturer, who did not want his name to be used, told the BBC’s Hausa service that the students were asked to say their names after lining up.

He says it is not clear why some were killed and others spared – some of those killed were Muslims.

“Everybody is scared and staying indoors now,” he said.

He added that students were now leaving the town – they have dmolestd tree branches over their cars, which is a traditional sign of neutrality in Nigeria.

Boko Haram militants fighting to establish Islamic law in Nigeria have killed more than 1,000 people in northern and central areas this year.

Culled from the BBC.


  1. Islam. The problem with the world today. It is not rocket science that they asked who was a christian and who was a moslem. Let us get more details but I am almost sure of it

  2. Ladun's biggest fan02 October, 2012 13:55

    Kai! When will all this stop? I was listening to it on BBC radio 5 about 15 minutes ago. May God scatter these killers. RIP students.

  3. Lagos-is-my-home02 October, 2012 13:56

    Nigeria wow oooo , which way we dey go na.... Dont even know what to say as i am rendered speechless


  4. This is sad. RIP

  5. ONOME says.......
    ...asked them to line up then systematically exterminated them execution style.......

    No words.RIP.Your parents must be absolutely crushed:(

  6. abeg ope this is not true, www.tatafonaija.blogspot.com

  7. dis is very sad...a sign of his second coming,pls give ur life to christ now,he is knocking at ur door,can u hear him?...pls open up

  8. really sad...but its difficult to start apportioning blames cause one doesn't even know if the killers are cultists or bh..may their souls r.i,p

  9. May God console their parents

  10. Yet we say we've a government

  11. It is really sad, in Kenya we have the al shabaab who are exactly like the boko haram, they killed innonect children who were at sunday school this past weekend.
    Why can't all these religious sects stop harming others and just try to love and accept everyone as they are. It breaks my heart.
    I pray for peace love and unity amongst ourselves.
    Jah bless

  12. @kenyan babe
    nothing has been definitely confirmed yet.the update on the story seems to be fellow students or their sponsors cause apparently they were involved in a students union government election

  13. Too sad dis animals re at it again. Wat has dis innocent blood done2 deserve dis.wat religion permits2 tk a life dt u didnot create? Blood suckers ur downfall sure closer.Rip 2dem*sadface*

  14. Mallams Are FOOLs,after Jonathan northerners will never smell that seat again,