How Do I Pay Back My Debts And Continue My Business


Ladun thanks for always being dere.but I really need you to post this as I’m on the verge of running mad thanks to antidepressants.

I know so many people will know Me.I’ve even made friends with them here but I’ve been holding this in for too long.I’m a 24 year old lady.I graduated four yrs ago with a 2.2 and since then life has been hell for Me..I have worked in 8 different places doin odd jobs lyk a sales girl where I was being paid from 8k to 10k monthly just to be able to meet my needs and for feeding my mum which has been really helpful. Please click to continue.

I have searched d nooks and crannies of Nigeria for jobs to the extent that my certificate is in shreds(literally).So I gav up n started sellin recharge cards with the little moni I had saved then all of a sudden a close family of mine gave Me a very large shop for free in a busy area.Then I went into serious thinking about what to sell that will make me gain a lot.

I did a little feasibility study and asked those around there what they needed.Everybody told Me to open a viewing centre(for soccer) combined with a game centre, that d shop is spacious and will accommodate people. So on the 22nd of august I opened the place with the help of people who helped me to raise some cash after I promised them I was going to return it after a month but since I started it has been from one problem to the other.Like the games consoles getting spoilt and then using all my profits for repair.The power supply is bad so I have to buy fuel everyday so at the end of the day I’m left with nothin but my t.fare for that day.Even people don’t really come to watch soccer like i tot dey would. A star match was shown yesterday and all I could do was cry bcos I was rily surprised at the turn out.

Only 10 pple came which I had to buy fuel and it became a loss for Me. My problem is dat I’m deep in debts to the tune of 450k. I do not even have one kobo on Me ryt now and its a month already and this pple I’m owing are really harrassin me.I have cried a lot this morning cos one called me today and said bad words to me. I wished I was never born.I’ve prayed and fasted severally.How do I pay back their money?I’m in shame.I’ve tried to look for jobs to do but I couldn’t find. I got a sales girl job again but its 10k monthly and it means ill hav to work for 4yrs to get back all d moni I owe.I have worked hard all my life and I don’t think I deserve this and I’m still ready to work twice as hard if the pay would b good. But what could be going on in my life. Can it be a very big spiritual problem? I really need help.

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