Friday, October 19, 2012

Jim Iyke Has An 11 Year Old Son That He Just Got To Know About

According to Stella Dimokorkus of Encomium Magazine - Jim Iyke himself just found out that he has a son who is his mirror image and he is in shock because he found out a few days ago and does not know how to handle the situation. The star actor is yet to meet his son but they have spoken once on the phone''.

Many years ago the controversial actor met and fell in love with an Abia state University undergraduate (now a Uk based Barrister) named Chantelle Nkechi Benson. One thing led to another and she found out''she was four months pregnant whilst on pills''. Click to continue reading.

She left Nigeria with Jim's new born baby without his knowlwedge and kept him secret for 11years but the lid was blown off Chantelle's secret when a concerned cousin called Jim and told him about his son...The cousin gave Jim Chantelles Number and the shocked actor called to find out the truth.

Little Mario is described to be as headstrong as his father and is unhappy about having a celeb father he has not met before.

As you read this the Jim iyke is sober and in a great shock ... Chantelle is a drop dead beauty and is financially stable.

For Chantelle's interview with Stella Dimokorkus buy the next edition of Encomium Magazine.


  1. Well, did he disown her when she was pregnant and no wants to identify with her because she is lawyer? Men?

    Anyway, they should do DNA test and see the result. The boy is likely to be his son. Shame!

    I would advise the lawyer to move on because Jim Iyke is a sex symbol. Girls do not allow him to rest. Unless she does not mind sharing him with girls.

  2. Thank God, may be Oga shout out will calm down now, make we hear word.
    Anyway shout out to Ikechukwu congrats now you know you are a dad
    Shout out to Mario, omo ikechukwu
    Shout out to Chantelle for making Ikechukwu a dad

  3. Lobatan o............. Another movie

  4. Great news,still shockn how she cud kip it a secret for 11yrs surprised sha.Congrats Jim.pls wats stella dimokorkus handle? really wish to follow her on twita.tnk u

  5. Jim Iyke ... Head strong like Igbo man fan!! Go and find your son and be a good daddy, maybe that will calm you down, oniranu jatijati!

  6. Bitch of a woman.

  7. Lol. The babe is hard ooo. Born pikin for pepsin and hide am for 11yrs! Na wa ooo.

  8. Wow!!I tot Jim Iyke was still a virgin..S/O 2 all d men going about sowing dia wild oats and who take d 'wild' literally

  9. it's a lie. don't believe jim iyke at all.

  10. another africa magic movie comin true>>>>lololol.sayz Rubis

  11. some women are self centred and heartless she probably decided to keep the knowledge of the son a secret as a sort of punishment on the guy because their relationship didn't work out .
    forgetting the need of the child to have the presence and bonding of his dad...anyone who is using a child as a weapon is not only heartless but selfish