Pastor Enoch Adeboye Shares a Testimony


Well i saw this and decided to share. I already said a big Amen to it. It’s a testimony Pastor Adeboye shared and i think it might lift one or two souls up. Continue to read please.  There was a woman, her son was epileptic. Anywhere she goes with her son, people chase her away, because they believe if the son falls down due to the epilepsy, and get up, anybody that sees him get up will contact the epilepsy [ Superstitious believe].

There came a time, when the woman was going to the market with her son, her son fell down due to the epilepsy and everybody in the market ran away, leaving the woman and her son alone. The woman carried her son and cried out to God saying, ” God do something now since everyone has left me and my son here, you are the only one i have now”. Miraculously her son got up and was totally healed from epilepsy starting from that day.

Beloved, there is nothing difficult that God cannot do. Have people mocked and laughed at you? Have your family given up on you? Have people rejected you? Have people laid false allegations on you? Have people called you barren woman?

I have a good news for you the Lord is going to wipe your tears tonight, he’s the God of Impossibility, there’s no problem our God cannot handle.

Now by the name that is above all other names, receive solutions to your problems now, you shall never be frustrated by the devil, that devil is a liar, you shall sing a new song of Joy before the end of this month in Jesus name.

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