Please Help, My Friend Left An Adenuga For A Club Manager


Lol, the last mail was should i tell my friend not to marry her. This one isn’t the same but close. This babe should be new to blogging, she was just mentioning names. Anyways, me i don remove the names jor, Sha read first, lol. Click to continue.

 Heya ladun dearie,

My name is (removed)  and I go by chy-babes. I have a very big problem that I believe your readers can solve for me. My friend  has entered one-chance and I have to save her before it is too late.

Her name is angel. She’s the smartest girl I know. She grew up in the uk, had a couple of years schooling in 9ja, but her ways are britiko. She graduated with a first class degree and had a job in Shell. Before she came down to 9ja to do nysc but
since july I have not seen my friend. Ask me why? One bobo has brain-washed my friend and its killing me. Angel is a typical loaded ajebutter babe with comfortable parents, and at 23 she has done pretty damn good for herself. From
our 16yrs old McDonald’s working days to a few months ago.

As the gist broadcasts it, Angel is dating a fine-boy club manager on the mainland called Club (removed), I heard he’s not too buoyant as per pepper and wants to marry her. A mutual friend saw angel and we were told that she was wearing
a rubber slippers and was on a bike. My first reaction was to slap the mouth the gist came from cus d Angel I know has a car and her father will personally gun her down if he saw her on a bike.

Hmmmm, ladun  this is the second friend i’m about to lose to a club boy. The first Angela (removed) carry belle for (removed details,lol) as u
covered earlier this year, this time its angel. I don’t know how a pretty girl can break-up with an ADENUGA to date a club boy. I cannot understand the dirty love oh…She automatically deleted a few friends that tried to talk her out of the trance. I need
her to read comments on ur blog so she can see the worlds opinion. Pls tell her its not love before shecarry belle. Save one of nigeria’s future leader.

Thank you.
p.s. i love her soo much it scares me, God bless u
immensly for me….kisses. biko pls hide my name

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