Stop Bringing an Innocent Man down- Mr Dino Melaye’s Follower


Hello Miss Ladun Liadi. How are you? I am an addicted  reader of your blog, and i want to commend you for what you do. WELL DONE! I am Doctor—-(name removed by me) and i would love you to help me post this, i notice people are trying to bring down a very good man, i have been following him for a very long time and i have seen his great works and what he has done for nigeria, so i wonder why they want to bring him down.

kindly post this so people would read and see that he is not what they think he is, i am counting on you to post it, May God bless You abundantly. The mail when you click read more. They said he is a good man, so let’s keep the comments brief and polite…*winks* And yes, leave me out of this, the mail is unedited.

People try to be bring you down when they see that you are doing something good, the devil always comes in different ways to cause confusion, For the past four days i have read alot of outrageous slander against a man who has the people at heart, who has fought for corruption, who has been arrested because of his fight for a better nigeria, Now i don’t know how much these people were paid to slander this man’s name, i am not saying he is a perfect human being, but what do you gain by the insults when most of you are worse? He who is without sin amongst us let him be the first to cast a stone.

Most of us don’t even know who Dino Melaye is but join others to rain curses at him, Otunba Dino Melaye was a former member of the House of Representatives and also the former chairman house committee on information and national orientation, a social crusader, human right activist, public analyst and a politician. He moved alot of motions out of which 36 was about anti-corruption. He moved the highest number of motions in the history of the National Assembly. Famous among them was his motion that lead to the revocation of the sale of Ajaoukuta steel and  Delta Steel Aladja, he also moved a motion against President Umaru Yaradua When he went to borrow 300 billion from the world bank which he later returned.

He moved a motion on the state of education in Nigeria, he argued that all the children of political office holders should  attend public schools.  He did a research and found out that over 400billion was spent for medical trips abroad for political office holders, he advocated that there should be a stop to sponsoring political officers on medical trips abroad and the money should rather be used for developing our hospitals, he also sponsored a bill for the establishment of the national cardio thoracic centers in the six geological zones of Nigeria as there is currently none in Nigeria,he was motivated to sponsor the bill when he visited Ghana, and found out that Ghana with a population of 18million people is building their 2nd national cadio thorasic center and he also discovered that 34 Nigerian cardiologists are presently working in d cardio  thoracic center in Ghana, in the history of NASS he was the 1st to resign his chairmanship because he couldn’t work with a corrupt leadership, as committie chairman he also recovered billions from failed contractors back to the government account. He has been fighting against corruption even in Abacha’s tenure and even got arrested for long.

In january he started the protest that eventually enveloped the entire country and even got arrested and detained. Otunba Dino Melaye’s Foundation known as Imole de foundation for widows and orphans has been running for more than 10years now, and he is set to commission his new orphanage in January 2013. So i wonder why people would want to tarnish the image of a wonderful man, how much where you paid?

As a student in Amadu Bello University, he sued the university to court. Dino Melaye, the lion of the Nigeria parliament, a political colossus, one single Nigerian with multiple competences. I will never forget Dino’s motion on the 2nd runway of the Nnamdi Azikiwe International airport Abuja, which was award to Julius Berger for 64 billion Naira after due process and approval of the Federal Executive Council. The President as a result of his motion set up a committee that reduce the contract to 49 billion Naira. The indomitable, indefatigable Melaye took the matter back to the floor again and comparatively augured that the contract on a 25% profit margin will not cost more than 8 billion Naira.

He was able to convince his colleagues and the President eventually cancelled the contract. Melaye again moved a motion on the floor of the house on the airport-Kubwa expressway contract awarded to Julius Berger where the MD of JB argued that some billions of Naira on the contract paper was a typographical error. Melaye yet again saved Nigeria 100 billion on that contract. Those who thought Melaye just started activism, should cast there mind back to the appearance of Melaye alongside Pat Utomi with Frank Olise on Tuesday live, an NTA programme in 2001. His role on the the cancellation of the 5K note remain indelible. Melaye despite pressure from the NEC of the PDP to drop charges against Dimeji Bankole refused to do so until justice is done. Dino Melaye the fighter, eloquent speaker, voice of the voiceless and Joshua of our time. That is the Dino Melaye I know.

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