Uniport Students Demand Justice For Slain Students


The students of Uniport are no longer finding the death of their colleagues, Tekena, Llyod, Ugonna and Chidiaka. who were killed in Aluu community in Rivers State funny. This morning the students took to the streets, blocked Choba junction to protest the killing of their mates. Alot of security agents are present and are trying to put a stop to the protest. Some of them said, two of the boys were well known on campus as upcoming singers. The four were best of friends before their untimely death. We have also seen few pictures of their parents, they don’t even look hungry. Their parents can afford to buy them laptops and phones. They were just new in the community, freshers. None of them was above 22years old. But the Government have taken the matter up. The painful part about this protest right now is about one of playcards a student carried; DEATH SHOW ‘Aluu VS Uniport… Aluu 4, UNIPORT 0… 1st half. Please boys, everyone is touched about this. Let us take it easy. Rivers State Government won’t fold their hands about this. The whole country is watching. Africa is watching. Thank you.

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