What some Nigerian women said during child delivery


I was asking God to forgive me that I will never do it again! because the pain was SOOO terrible that I thought God was punishing me for getting pregnant out of wedlock! Well even after 3 more births the pain seems to be the same  and all I say now is THANK YOU JESUS!!!! THANK YOU JESUS!!!! OH JESUS!!!

I speak as a witness, i was actually in d labour room with my elder sister and her hubby to. The nurses advised one of us should rub her waist wheneva d contractions came. she wanted us to rub her waist and feet, so i took to rubn d waist while the hubby rubbed d feet. So along the line, what i heard was a big Kpa! (punch) on the hubbys cheek; RUb my feet! Click to continue.

After my baby had already arrived,the midwife took the gas n air off me, n i said to her can i have a bit more please, she was like but your baby is already out, I said I dont care, gas n air makes me feel good! I only had gas n air no other thing, n that stuff was gooooooooooood, i wish i cud have it allday everyday!

When I was having my first baby, I was more worried about my husband than I was about myself, he was hysterical, i was calm, and he kept getting worked up because I was so calm, lol, cultural differences, I kept saying “sweety, calm down” and he was saying “dont tell me to be calm”, reverse labour. My family members teased him to no end, crying louder than the bereaved.

When i had my 1st baby was d only time i said something funny, i said “if this is what mother pass thru during labour, then,any child who is rude to his/her mother should be crucified upside down”
When i was done, come and see laugh, eehn was wondering if i could say such horrible thing. But 4 d subsequent labours, experience helped, i was just calling/saying “JESUS! JEESUS! HELP ME OH JESUS!

I remember when my aunt was in labour the first time, her hubby was late and she said “Where is that useless man? He’s the one that put me in this condition”And when he got there and she was pushing, she cried out, “I will not do it again o, please, after this one, I will not do it again” and hubby laughed and replied, “No problem, we won’t do it again”

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