Is It Okay To Marry From Another Tribe?


Hello guys. Please I need your voices on this one. Is it ok to marry inter tribe? I’m Igbo and in a relationship with this amazing Yoruba man. He is an all rounder and a go getter. I have this one friend that keeps repeating to me that yoruba men are promiscious and they always end up marrying their own and I should be careful.

Another thing to it is that I’m Deeper life and he is celestial. He is not willing to convert and he talks to me about converting in the future especially when we start having kids.He is very much into he’s celestial faith. The clash in religion is a lot.

Yes! I’m in that school of thot that all men cheat but to take in a 2nd wife if we end up together; I can’t deal.

I just need random thots here guys. The whole Igbo:yoruba marriage; Differnt religion.
I’m happy with him and I won’t mind being he’s “Mrs” but these two are problems holding me back. Asides these two he is the Best partner ever.

Hey dear I hope you post this . Please do. I need wisdom from your wonderful commentators.
Thanks doll

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