Daniel Ademinokan Speaks on Ex- Wife, Doris and Stella


There have been many speculations about what caused your divorce from Doris Simeon. Can you clear the air?

People will always blab about what they know and what they don’t know.
Doris and I have remained friends. We have a child between us and the
most important thing we should focus on is the well being of the young
boy. I’m a human being, so I am entitled to have my own emotions and and
issues. But people should learn to mind their business. Bankers and
other professionals go for divorce, but you will never see it on the
pages of the newspapers. Doris and I have retained our friendship. Click
to read more.

In fact, I just spoke to her few hours ago, so we talk
all the time. Whenever there is something we need to discuss, we do
that. We have moved on with our lives. Let people keep talking while
Doris and Daniel continue to make their money. As far as I’m concerned,
Nigeria has bigger problems that we all need to focus on. We have issues
of oil, flood, kidnapping, Boko Haram and all that. We have the Niger
Delta and amnesty issues to deal with.

I’m surprised
people are still busy talking about whose home is breaking up and whose
home is not breaking up. As far as I’m concerned, Doris is living her
life happily and I’m living my life happily, too. Our son is happy and
we talk from time to time. Life is about ups and downs. People get
married and get separated for reasons best known to them, so they should
let us breathe.

There were rumors that Doris accused Stella of snatching you?

Who did Doris say that to? Whoever is saying that should come out to
claim that Doris actually said so. People should leave Doris and Stella
alone. The people saying these things have bigger problems. Some of them
have one and half legs and then they will sit in one place to be
fabricating stories.

Perhaps people are speculating because of the business relationship between you and Stella?

They are free to say anything; my personal issue is my personal issue.
In fact, if people are looking for stories, tell them that Daniel and
Stella now have 24 children. Also tell them that we have bought 24
houses in Abuja and hoping to buy 17 more in America. Let them keep

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