Effy Ike Angry with Fans


Lol i don’t know who this lady is, but this just caught my attention. They say she is an international actress and model. Her name is Effy Ike. It seems some people on her facebook page won’t let her be. Read what she said below, you will get the gist, lol.

“For those that are angry because I’m not able to read and respond to all the overwhelming inbox messages I receive, I’m not idle you know! I work! I have a demanding life and so I cannot sit on facebook all day reading inbox. I share my thoughts with you on my wall because I care to inspire and not because I have nothing else to do. So when or if I don’t read and respond to your messages it means I don’t have the time to do so. Now passing strictures and casting aspersions only reveal your weakness and thereby caution me to never respond to you. Yes you have clearly shown by your insolence that you are not deserving of my time and energy, messages and responding!

“Some of the reactions I get even from those I respond to are not really that appealing to me as they thereafter persist with unnecessary questions or boring talks.

“Those of you that claim you reach out for help but I ignore you! Sorry guys, I’m not sitting down browsing facebook for the needy, rather I’m out here in my environment pursuing my great goals and helping those within my reach and even though I want to help the world it’s impossible, so be realistic with your expectations of me or anyone! I pray that God send all the needy people divine helpers, in Jesus name…Amen! I love you! Meow!’’

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