How Can I Manage My Pregnancy?


This mail was sent to me yesterday but i am just seeing it. I like the fact that we think like one big family on this blog (big hug and winks,lol). Her mail below;

Hi Ladun,

I am so sad and I just lost hope in Nigeria. I left my hospital now and I don’t know if I should weep for Nigeria or our health system. In short I am weeping for everything. Nothing is right in this country. Let me go straight to my point. I started visiting this hospital when I got pregnant four months ago. It is the best in my hood and expensive. I was at the clinic to ask my doctor what to eat during pregnancy and what not to eat. The next thing she said was you use a blackberry phone GOOGLE IT. I was mad. I was so confused. I looked at her and said why should I use Google when I have you. I was here yesterday and the bill that was given to me was thousands of naira which I paid.

She saw the expression on my face and managed to explain a little to me. I immediately called my mother and asked for the lecture I didn’t want to hear before. Not that my mom can’t tell me the do’s and don’ts. But I believe a medical practitioner should know better. I took solace in the fact that if I send a mail to Ladun I will get more advice from female LLBers.

I want to know what is best for me to eat and what is not. I have gained alot of weight. How do I stop gaining weight? I also don’t want to have stretch marks after pregnancy. How do I avoid that? Thank you.

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