Understanding The New Birth & How Can One Be Born Again


I am glad that we want to talk about God this morning on this blog. I always hope and wish I could keep up to this every Sunday, but it has been difficult. Life has been easy and good, so like most of us, we tend to forget God. Not that we forget him, we pray every day, but we forget to tell others about Him. About the things we are presently enjoying through him. Whenever I read my Bible, I feel guilty not telling people how lovely and great our God is. How easily He forgives our sins and blesses us once we surrender all to him. This morning, we will make it short as we go straight to the points. Click to read more.
Let’s just quickly talk about ‘Understanding The New Birth & How Can One Be Born Again’

You can become a member of a family by birth or adoption or marriage. The new birth is the way you are born, adopted and married into the family of God. John 1: 12-13; Gal 4:5; Eph 5: 30-32.
Some of us believe being churchy or religious, keeping the law, being self- righteous, being educated or abiding with our culture or water baptized automatically makes us born again. No it is not true. You can be all of this and yet not born again.

What Then Is The New Birth?

It is a spiritual experience that transforms us from the kingdom of darkness into God’s Kingdom. It is the receiving of God’s life and God’s righteousness. It is both a spiritual and moral change. Christ lives in us by the Holy Spirit. It is not an intellectual birth, a rebirth of man’s soul. It is also not a physical birth, our spirit not our flesh is born again. It is so vital an experience that no one can enter into God’s kingdom without it. Jn. 3:1-7, 1Pet. 1:23, Col.1: 12-13.

How Can One Be Born Again?

Acknowledge that you are a sinner. Rom 3:23. “For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God”. We were all born sinners. Our first father, Adam sinned against God and we are still going through the punishment. But once we decide to leave our sinful ways and turn to the one who can cleanse us free of all our sins (God), then we are no longer under the curse. We are now born again and belong to God. So how can we turn to him? Sincerely repent of your sins and confess them. Acts 3:19. Lk. 13:3.

When we repent of our sins and turn to God, he is quick to forgive us. He loves us and does not want us to die a sinner. His wish is for all of us to live forever in His paradise. Have you ever wondered why He sent His only beloved son to come and die for us? His love for us is beyond what we can think of. God loves us and so for us to be able to enjoy His fatherly love, care and blessing, we need to surrender all. Drop all the things of the Devil you have in your possession and go on your knees and tell God to forgive you. Confess your sins, because that is the first step of acknowledging you are a sinner. Tell him you know you are a liar, a fornicator, adulterer, a thief, a murderer, tell him all. What is that sin you have committed that you think God cannot forgive you of? Is there any? Please confess them to Him and wait and see how He will forgive you immediately. His mercies are more than enough for us. Finally receive him into your heart by faith and thereafter thank God for saving you.

Why we need to receive Christ:

Being born again gives eternal life.

Being born again affects our tastes and way of life.

Lastly, the new birth guarantees that our names are written in God’s book of life.

Isn’t that interesting when our names are written in God’s book of life? That shows we have not come to live on earth in vain. Because the primary and secondary purpose for us on earth is to eventually make heaven. And once our names are written in this book, we are already heaven bound.

My brothers and sisters, let us forget this is a blog. Let us be honest with ourselves. Have you given your life to Christ? Are you sure your name has been written in the book of life. You know the answer yourself; your conscience is telling you the truth. It is good to enjoy life and live it to the fullest, but please let us add Christ to it. When you add Christ to your life, you live life more than what you can ever imagine. He is the one who can turn your sorrows into joy, give you that desired wife or husband, make you drive your dream car, get you your dream job, the God who can provide all your needs, take you from grass to grace and make your life a living testimony. What are you still waiting for? I know you want this and more. So why don’t you go on your knees and ask him for forgiveness. Confess your sins and start a new relationship with him. He will be more than happy to receive you today. God bless you.

Ladun Liadi.
Additional points from RCCG’s Believers Class Booklet.

Not for everyone

I sometimes like ending sermons on the blog this way because I know we have many female readers. I will be blunt and won’t care if you get angry with me. Are you in any occult group? A witch? So you joined because your mother/grandmother told you it is the best way to protect yourself in life? Or you joined so that you can deal with anyone that offends you or snatch another woman’s husband? Ask yourself, before your grandmother or mother died, did they live a fulfilled life? What did they do with their lives? They killed their husbands children, killed any child in the family who was doing well. Is it a lie? How did they themselves die? They died a horrible death. Am I lying? Be truthful to yourself, you know they are in hell. Is that how you also want to end your life? Drinking innocent children’s blood? My sister repent today, I believe the Lord is passing a message across to you. You are pretty and when you get anywhere people love you and once you penetrate into their lives you destroy it. You are also about to be destroyed. I will make it simple for you; I know you don’t know how to leave. But there is a church not too far from you. Go there and ask for any minister around if the pastor is not available. Tell them you are from the kingdom of darkness and have chosen to repent now. They can never run from you. It is so simple for them, some of them have been in your shoes before, infact you automatically become their sister. Don’t be shy, please do this and do it now. It is a Sunday and they are waiting for you. God bless you even has you come into his kingdom.

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