Saturday, January 14, 2012

Match-Making: Looking good together?

Yaay, we got another pic for match making. And it’s Noble Igwe of 360nobs and Ugonna Omeruo.
Yesterday night, actress Nse Etim or may be her PR stormed my blog with loads of comments. The comments came in one after the other; they were much I had to delete some, removed some and now left with 21, lol. If you know us well on this blog, you will know we love our celebs and love to prank at them, (And YES why not, they are in the limelight).  
They called me jobless; I really don’t know why anyone should call me that, when this is part of my job. And like some of my readers prayed for me sometimes ago saying, ‘Ladun you will soon start making money by God’s grace’. Thanks to you all, we have started making that, so how do you call a job I get paid at jobless? No! That aint right in Chris Rock’s voice, (The Head of State movie).
I don’t intend to send anyone off the screen, so why do you want to send me off the net? Lol. On more serious note legends, if you want the match making thing pulled out, trust me, I will. And to our new readers, we say thanks for joining the fun. It’s all love baby….

When 'body magic' goes wrong

                                         Thanks to chizyspyware & bellanaija. A pic of Ini Edo when you continue

Photo of the Day

Chika Ike, Ebube Nwagbo, Funke Akindele & Juliet Ibrahim on set of a new movie, FCC by Ebube Nwagbo. Seems the actress is ready to get back on screen.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Quote of the Day: Oronto Douglas

Facts have shown that more Nigerians make use of diesel generators than petrol generators. So, the removal of fuel subsidy by the Government will not affect them (Nigerians).
Oh yeah?

Chide Mokeme speaks on marriage

In a short interview, here is what the actor said when he was asked about why he is still very much single; ‘I haven’t said I am finding it difficult to get a woman to marry. I have not just gotten married. When I get married, I will be married. It’s as simple as that. You guys will be there when I get married’.

Funny pictures of how youths occupied during the strike

Thank God the strike is off for now, so we can loosen up a bit. We don’t pray to continue on Monday God willing, we want our N65 back.
Meanwhile, if you haven’t seen any of these pictures, then here is a platform for you to see how some youths occupied during the strike. Funny us!!!

NLC, TUC & JAT declares weekend as strike free days

Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Trade Union Congress (TUC) and Joint Action Front (JAF) have all commended Nigerians for turning out in their millions since Monday January 9, 2012, to protest the increase in the price of PMS (Petrol). 
They have however declared this weekend, Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th January, 2012, to be a strike, protest and rally-free days.

DAY 5: Ojota protest ground in pictures

Thanks to my brother Dipo, who was at the Ojota protest ground today. He brought us the protest in pictures. He will definitely make a good reporter. Click to see more pictures, indeed some are funny...

DAY 5: Meeting between FG and Labour ends in Deadlock

The meeting held yesterday behind closed doors between Labour parties and the Federal Government ended in deadlock. The two parties could not reach an agreement and so the strike continues. Another meeting would be held tomorrow, Saturday.
We hope GEJ’s Government will do what Nigerians are demanding and also remove fuel subsidy, so we can continue with our day to day activities. It’s bad enough we are in darkness now and most people have started complaining about being broke.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bakare asks National Assembly to impeach President Goodluck Jonathan

The Convener of the Save Nigeria Group, Pastor Tunde Bakare, on Wednesday asked the National Assembly to immediately commence impeachment proceedings against President Goodluck Jonathan.
Bakare, who spoke at the SNG rally at Ojota, Lagos, organised to demand the restoration of the N65 pump price of petrol, said Jonathan had committed and impeachable offence by acting on an item in a budget yet to be passed.
A number of personalities also spoke at the rally, which witnessed a much larger turnout than Monday and Tuesday.

Truck loaded with guns coming to Nigeria seized

According to Reuters; Ghanaian police have arrested five men and seized a soft-drinks distribution truck loaded with guns and ammunition believed to be heading to Nigeria, on Wednesday.
Nigeria presently is facing unprecedented civil unrest as sectarian violence and a nationwide protest against the removal of fuel subsidies threaten the Government of President Goodluck Jonathan.
Deputy Police Superintendent Cephas Arthur said police found double-barreled shotguns and boxes of ammunition beneath a false metal plate floor in the truck, which was searched in an Accra suburb on Tuesday after police received a tip-off.
He did not say how many guns were found.
Two of the arrested suspects were Nigerian nationals and the three others were Ghanaian, he said, adding the police believed the cargo was on its way to Nigeria.

Riot set out in Niger State this morning as workers were asked to resume

The announcement that was made by the head of service in Niger State asking workers to resume for work this morning didn’t go down well with some citizens and hence they resulted into violent demonstrations. The INEC office, Tanko Beji’s chamber, IBB campaign office and the house of Senator Dahiru Awaisu kuta were all torched by the rioting mob early hours of today. We only hope peace would be restored back into the State.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Match-Making: Actress Nse Etim & Singer Banky W

Love made in heaven? Oh well the readers of this blog will be causing a lot of controversies with this match making segment oh, lol. Nse Etim was so comfortable, happy (at least from the pic) as singer Banky W enjoyed his meal. She looks HAPPY that we can SEE. How cute!!!

Fathia Balogun romances Ayo Adesanya’s ex-hubby, Goriola Hassan?

Hehehe na wa o, what will we not hear in Nollywood, but could this be true? Here is how gistmaster is reporting this via citypeople…
Top Yoruba actress, Fathia Balogun and Goriola Hassan, ex-husband of fellow actress, Ayo Adesanya are the newest couples in town!They have been sighted together stepping out together at various events, giving room for speculations that they ignited the fire of love.
City People magazine this week made an headline banner story of their romance. Fathia and Gori have been going to functions together. They were both at singer, St.Janet's show together. They stepped in together and those that could read between the lines knew that they were passionate about each other. The two, City People magazine wrote, also stormed Mercy Aigbe's birthday party together.

Photo of the Day

                           So the kids are reacting with one of them demonstrating. Good Lord! lol

Revert to N65 or resign: it is as simple as that

The members of the Ogun State Youth Alliance on Monday called on Goodluck Jonathan to revert to the pre-2012 N65 per litre of petrol or resign as the President of Nigeria.
During their rally to the corporate headquarters of Punch Nigeria Ltd in Magboro, on Monday, the protesters, led by Adesina Ibrahim, Moses Ehix and the youth leader, Oladele Kehinde, they also advised the Finance Minister, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, to resign.
The protesters carried placards and leaf branches in their march that covered Arepo, Wawa, Ibafo and Magboro.
Singing and chanting anti-Federal Government songs and slogans, they said life had become difficult for the ordinary Nigerian because of the removal of fuel subsidy by the Jonathan Administration.
“When we voted for Jonathan, we thought he would make policies that would favour us,” said Ibrahim, a lawyer. “But he has shown that he is not there to make the right policies. All that we’re demanding is that he reverses his anti-people policy on fuel subsidy removal.”
Another leader of the protesting youths, Ehix, said that the finance minister was only implementing the International Monetary Fund and World Bank policies.

Artistes’ war songs against Jonathan

Some musicians on Monday criticised President Goodluck Jonathan at a rally called by the Nigerian Labour Congress and the Trade Union Congress to protest the removal of fuel subsidy.
Some actors and actresses such as Bimbo Akintola, Ronke Oshodi-Oke and popular actor Jide Kosoko also condemned the unpopular action.
Some of the players in the entertainment industry once enjoyed a beneficial relationship with the then candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, President Goodluck Jonathan during the April election. But whatever remained of that bond has seemingly broken by his refusal to revert his decision which has increased fuel price to N141.

Monday, January 9, 2012

When Rita Dominic hosted colleagues and friends on Christmas day

Pics: thanks to one of our fantastic readers. I told you all we can make this blog rock, muah…

Occupynigeria: Day 1 of strike

Apologies for not posting since the strike began. We had to #Occupynigeria. Nigeria was on fire today! The masses went out in their thousands to protest peacefully, but alas the Nigerian Police won’t let them be. They were accused of shooting a protester dead today in Ogba, Lagos state in a peaceful protest. The man we learnt begged for his life, but was shot in the long run. And many more causalities were recorded today. Pictures of him when you continue.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Rita Dominic out with her first ever produced movie ‘the meeting’

So am supporting Rita on this. Plus I found some pics of her home when she hosted Banky w, Ebuka, Kate Henshaw, Noble Igwe and other entertainment personalities on Christmas day. If you want the pics posted pls indicate. Ebuka was my favourite anyway, lol. I love hosting damn it, especially hosting friends who knows whatsup.
Ask me how I came across the pics? In my search for match-making, God knows say e still dey pain me, as I never find husband and wife to join together on this blog, lollllz

Abia State Governor’s daughter weds

Abia State Governor’s daughter, Nneoma Orji, yesterday tied the knots with her fiancée Obinna Araraume who is the son of Senator Ifeanyi Godwin Araraume. And they say it was quite a big wedding. Been looking for the pictures online and still can’t find any. Will post them if I eventually find some, lol. Congrats to the couple.

Photo of the day: Kemi Adetiba

Today is kemi Adetiba’s birthday and that is why am featuring her. I think the lady is not as celebrated as she is supposed to be in the entertainment industry. She is presently a video director who has worked for a lot of A list artiste in the country and once hosted the hiphop world awards. Plus she’s got a fantastic life. Wouldn’t want to say much about her, cuz of the comments, lol. Yeah, and I choose this pic cuz I love what she is wearing.
Happy Birthday madam