Saturday, March 10, 2012

OK! NIGERIA Features Most Memorable Weddings: Bella Adenuga & Jameel Disu, Funke Fowler & Abi Kuku

Ojoro, lol, why did they give OK Nigeria the exclusive rights, and not Ovation, Wedding Mags, Bella Naija, Maestromedia, Linda Ikeji or even me (oya laugh and fall off your sit). Lovely package, indeed memorable. Weddings that wanna make you get married NOW. Click to see more pictures as OK Nigeria reports…..

MATCHMAKING: Goldie & Mystery Guy

What if I tell you this is my best section (matchmaking) as far as this blog is concerned? Hehehe, me love to hook our single ladies up. Take a very good look at this picture, and tell me if they both don’t look good together. They are young and sexy, give it to them, they will make the couple of the year.
Goldie should not let me hear her say, ‘I’m still waiting for the right guy o’, when the bobo is already here. FAB!!!
Another pic of them below where others joined to take pictures with them. 

18 NYSC Members Die In Auto Crash Going To Taraba State

At least 18 fresh graduates of Imo State University, Southeast Nigeria, have all died in a road accident. They were said to be travelling to Taraba State, Northeast Nigeria when the incident happened. The corps members are said to be for Batch A, NYSC orientation camps.
The corps members are said to be for Batch A, NYSC orientation camps. Apparently, these students who got their call-up letters very late yesterday from IMSU, (in a bid to meet up) chartered a small bus not very conversant with that long, bad road for a night trip in order to meet registration deadline.

Testimonial Match For UNILAG Final Year Student Who Died

Rammy Yesufu a final year student of University of Lagos who died early this year on a football pitch had a testimonial match played in his honour last week Sunday, by his former team mates, ABF. In case you missed the story as we earlier reported it, you can read it HERE.
The red and white jerseys were customized in his name and a picture of him in front. One of his friends wants us to put this up, and so we did. May his soul continue to find rest in the Lord, Amen. A pic of Rammy if you click more….

Friday, March 9, 2012

Kony 2012: what's the real story

Since Monday, more than 21m people have viewed this film – made by an American charity called Invisible Children – about the plight of children in Uganda at the hands of the warlord Joseph Kony, the leader of the Lords Resistance Army (LRA) guerilla group. His group is said to have abducted 60,000 children.
With its slick Hollywood production values, the film has been an almost instant viral success, dominating Twitter worldwide and having one of the fastest ever take-offs on You Tube. The hashtag #stopkony has had hundreds of thousands of tweets, and millions of people now know something about Uganda and what is happening to children there. Support for the campaign to end the conflict in the country this year is spreading. Please click to read more...

Death @ Glo Rock ‘N’ Rule Concert

Glo Rcok ‘N’  Rule concert which has been on for quite sometime at different university campuses, turned out bloody last week Saturday, 3rd of March at Abeokuta, Ogun State. Though this won’t be the first time the Rock ‘N’ Rule concert will go wild, as they mostly lack good security. On this faithful day however, at the June 12 Cultural Centre, Kuto, Abeokuta a battle of gun seemed to have occurred between the security men at the concert and some few area boys a source stated. According to the source, a young man was gunned down after the murderer forcefully snatched a gun from one of the Mopol’s on guard. Immediately after that, some of the security men were seen taken to their heels as few of them who were brave stood back and attacked the cult boys who were many. In the process, one of Sound Sultan’s backup singers got shot in his arm, while his friends tried to rush him to hospital. Click read more to continue reading.... 

Extra-Judicial Killing: Police Covers Up Death Inside Cell As Family Cries For Justice

Police officers, especially those in the Public Relations Department have incessantly hammered it into the ears of the vast population of Nigerians that the “Police is your friend”. Most of those who have however heard the statement have chosen not to believe it as some have done so at their peril, some never lived to regret believing that the police, their supposed friend cannot hurt them.
The crude, unconventional methods and the high degree of baseness adopted by some officers of the Nigerian Police Force have pitched them against the generality of Nigerians. Police brutality seems to have become part of the Nigerian system. The Nigerians that have been murdered in cold blood by trigger happy policeman cannot easily be numbered.
Just when the country was getting over the shooting of Idris and Ademola Aderinto, protesters who were shot by policemen during the fuel subsidy saga in January, police brutality has again reared its head in another ugly form. Controversy has surrounded the death of Ademola Lawrence Adedeji, a staff of the Adebola Group of Companies, (producers of Rite & Bigi beef roll) and it is not the type that will clear in a hurry. . He was arrested on Thursday 9th of February and taken to Area F police station, Ikeja over an issue with Adebola Group. Click below to read more

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Jennifer Obayuwana attends Kanye’s Fashion Show In Paris

Pretty Jennifer, just like Dbanj also attended the fashion show of American singer Kanye West which just took place in Paris. According to a source she sat with the likes of Alicia Keys, Kim K, Common and Piddy. All I want to see her do is rock Kanye’s $6,000 shoes, just like Kim has. I know she can afford it. You go girl….

Comedian OgusBaba Involved In Ghastly Auto Crash

If not for the intervention of God, the entertainment industry would have lost another bright talent to the cold hand of death. Stand-up comedian and organizer of Laugh Goes on comedy and musical concert, Akpobome Ogude, popularly known as Ogusbaba was on the 4th of March, last week Sunday involved in a ghastly accident which almost claimed his life on his way to Port Harcourt from Warri.bAccording to his publicist, a black Prado Jeep which was trying to overtake about four cars at a time ran into him, and in the process of trying to dodge the Jeep, the Toyota Camry car he was driving somersaulted and he almost lost his life in the process. But for good Samaritans who rushed to save him, it might have been another story entirely.  The comedian is said to be hale and hearty.
More pics when you continue….. 

SQ Club On Fire Just 28days After The Death Of Owner

Late Susan Yusuf
Just 28days after Susan Yusuf, the owner of SQ club was murdered; things have changed drastically in her business. As it is expected, the club has not been functioning, but that is not even the gist. The Landlord who owns the building where the club is situated has given her management a quit notice. Shortly after that, we were told that PHCN men also visited the place and disconnected the light which led to her staff throwing a lot of refrigerated items away, since they got spoilt in no time. Not only that, a section of the club also recently caught fire mysteriously. According to sources, her friends are saying the fire incident might be intentional. Some said the late socialite might have kept some valuable documents there and since they couldn’t be found by those looking for it; they might as well have planned to burn the place down. One thing is however clear, Susan was murdered and didn’t die a natural death. We are still waiting for the police to unravel how she was murdered and who murdered her.

P Square The Highest Paid Artiste In Nigeria?

According to a report, the duo of P Square are said to be the highest paid artistes in the country. They receive $100, 000 to perform at foreign shows. Just last week, they were said to have being paid $80, 000 to perform in France. Nice

Akeem Shodehinde Impregnates Lover

Akeem Shodehinde of Movida Night club will soon be a daddy. We were told that his girlfriend, Angela Ojakovo is currently carrying his baby. What we are however not sure of is when the two intends to make this official. We have the picture of the pregnant lady, but we don’t want to put it up, because it shows some intimate parts of her. Anyway you have it all, above are the pictures of the lovers and we must say they look good together.
Thanks to a super loyal reader who sent this to us.

Meet Another Hon. Patrick Obahaigbon And He is here On Ladun Liadi’s Blog

OMG, lmao. I don’t mean to insult this guy and I won’t. But to me he is another Hon. Patrick Obahaigbon. The guy didn’t even chill at all. He even dropped his phone num. Someone needs to confirm if that line works. BTW, he left the comment on the post ‘Timaya Going The Way Of Tuface, Almost Ladies’. So the readers on this blog thinks they are the ISH, Salvatus Perez has come, please shift to the other side. *rolling off my sit*. Now click to read ‘our comment of the day’ and come back to read this, then you will know where am coming from, lol..….

Quote of the Day: Rapper Ruggedman

People are made to be loved and things are made to be used. The confusion in this world is that people are being used and things are being loved.

PHOTOS: Bobby Brown Arrives Lagos

Bobby Brown The R&B/ pop singer arrived Lagos, Nigeria at exactly 3PM yesterday March 7, 2012 alongside his boy band Bell BIV Devoe.  "I'm happy to be here, but men, its Hot here" he says to press men at the Muritala Mohammed Airport. "I can't wait to perform this weekend he says ". Click to see more pictures.

Capital F.E.M.I Needs To Calm Down

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

World’s Largest Fish

                                                                                                   God is great

Photo of the Day

                                  I hear Tuface, Davido and Shina Peters will be going on tour soon. Cool 

Oshadipe Twins: Taiwo In Messy Fight With Estranged Sugar Daddy Over Car Gift—

Weeks after their Lagos apartment, was burgled, singing sisters, Oshadipe Twins, are in the news again. This time, it’s about the love gone sour feud between one of the petite girls, Taiwo ,and her former sugar daddy,  Captain Jide George, husband  to Reverend Dele George, of the Little Saints Orphange, Lagos.  In the entertainment industry, it’s a common knowledge that dark Captain, is the financier and godfather of the Twins,he dotes them,like his own children. He is helped them achieve the little success; they have been able to record lately. If you may recall the music  enthusiast, was instrumental to the success of their last album,’Destiny  Calling’ ,held Eko Hotel, last year. That day, he dipped his hands into his pocket and vast contact to make the day a grand one. Click to continue reading 

PRESS RELEASE: Mr. Universe Nigeria 2012 Contest

(, the biggest contemporary showcase in Nigeria for selecting ‘super talents’ who will spread their wings in the fashion & entertainment industry, will be held in Lagos from 4th – 9th June 2012.
25 of Nigeria’s most sexiest and intelligent men representing the 6 geographical locations of the country will be competing.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I’m Not romancing Duncan Mighty - Porshekayiana

Alright its love in the air and we are still in the mood of love. The only thing left here is that, as we are celebrating love and babies, the only people who are not celebrating is I and Linda, Lmao. Nooo, I’m in a relationship oh, so I can’t wait to post pics of Linda and her man with Linda’s protruding tommy soon, lol. Back to the gist. So they told me about this female musician (Porshekayiana) who is making waves in Port Harcourt right now, and how she is in a romantic relationship with Duncan mighty. We had a long chat, but I will just post the ones that concern us here. Let’s see if some of us are good in decoding, lol. Oya click read more again…..  

Photo of the Day: Weird, Wild Babes?

                                                        ...........But what function are they dressed to?

Sex Was Good With Jim Iyke

So there is this lady who stays in the US claiming to be in a relationship with Jim Iyke. She talks about her Val gifts, how they partied hard when she was in Naija (Abuja) and even how they had sex. I hope she is truly not claiming Jim bought her the SLK350 convertible car and a Porsche phone she got for Val, because we all know a lady already dragged Jim to court over N15M debt. Well guys, I guess you all will have to be the judge. Her tweets are much and confusing, but you need to be sharp to decode them. She no even send sef, in some tweets she mentioned Jim’s name. I quote, ‘Sex was good with J’ Whoopssssss, that guy must be good in bed, lol, like seriously.
And guess what? God bless the loyal reader who sent us this. I love you from here to Sokoto xxxx. Oya click to read more…

Monday, March 5, 2012

Photo of the Day: What was she thinking?

DJ Humility Hosts El-Phlex

Dj Humility of Rhythm 93.7Fm is set to host fast rising acts, El-Phlex on Friday, 9th of March at the Picollo Mondo Club, Lekki Peninsula here in Lagos. Their new single "In The Mood" has been doing well in the clubs and on most radio stations. Artistes like Sheyman, Chuddy K, Tizze, W4 and Tillaman will also be attending.

BOMBSHELL: 20yr old girlfriend delivers babyboy for Ice prince

Wow, so dropped the bomb shell this morning about how a 20year old girl who is a school dropout delivered a baby boy for Ice Prince 4days ago. They have the facts and they tabled it, lol. It’s a long report, but here is my favorite part; ‘We’re told Bimbo, who lives in Egbeda, Lagos, was an off campus resident while studying at HNA University, before dropping out due to academic challenges. Several of her friends who spoke with NET say she was extremely social, and adventurous.  ‘She was quite popular and fun loving. She was one of those young ‘smallies’ that were friends with those rich Hausa kids, and they did a lot of drinking, partying and smoking’, said a friend who asked to remain anonymous’.
Now click read more to read the full story…..

Katung Aduwak Opens Night Club

Katung Aduwak who won the first edition of Big Brother Nigeria has opened a nightclub in Kaduna. The club is called ‘The Legend’ and we were told he declared it opened two weeks ago. We hope this in one way or the other, brings Katung back into limelight. We sure missed not seeing him on Tv.

Segun Arinze welcomes baby boy

This will be the second child of the actor with his wife, Julie. Making them two boys. He already has one from his previous marriage. Segun seems to be in the business of boys. Congrats to him though.

Agbani Darego Loses Dad

Former Miss World, delectable Agbani Darego is bereaved. We were told she lost her dad, Chief Asenite Darego in a London hospital. He was aged 72. May he RIP.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Singer Kefee Marries……

Please I’m sorry. I saw all the comments. I was out of town and my internet connection didn’t work at the place. I couldn’t help it, I felt like crying, am really really sorry.  Those comments were touching, please ‘e ma binu’. Chei, but we have truly carried last on a lot of gist oh, it is well. Please accept my apology.
So kefee got married to Teddy Don Momoh, an OAP with Star FM. Wow that is so surprising; one would have thought they had nothing in common. And she really kept it a top secret, wow. But love sha, lol. Click to see more pics of keffi and her husband before they got married. 

Photos of the Day

                                      This Uti sef.... And Alex Ekubo….lips sealed, lol.