Saturday, September 1, 2012

Woman Gives Birth to Quintuplets after Five Children

35-year-old Iyabo Oladunni, is a mother of five girls who has now been blessed with a set of quadruplets. She gave birth to the quintuplets at the University College Hospital (UCH) in Ibadan.

Iyabo and her husband wanted to have a male child and that was why she got pregnant again, before giving birth to three girls and a boy.

Her husband Olayemi Oladunni took to his heels after she delivered the babies. She is pleading with her state government to please come to her aid and well-meaning Nigerians. According to her she is a tailor and cannot take care of the nine children alone.

Teju BabyFace Traditional Wedding- The Video

Blogging Tips- Reply to your mails

A friend of mine asked me to do this. I still feel it’s not necessary though. This is it. I have a lot of mails in my inbox from bloggers that I am yet to reply. Not because I don’t feel like, but I really don’t have the time. I am too attached to my blog. I feel a bit less busy now and decided to go thru my mails with her. I asked her to reply my Gmail while I do the replies on my yahoo mail. Ofcus we are both on diff laptops.  Click to continue reading…

First Photo from Teju Babyface’s White Wedding

Is Bimbo Akintola Speaking On Behalf Of So many Nigerian Ladies?

According to star actress Bombo Akintola: “A relationship is work,” Akintola notes. “Marriage is a bigger work. Once you have signed the paper, you are in each other’s space – day in day out. You are two people with different backgrounds. You have problems until you have even grounds. So, it takes a lot of hard work to stay in marriage. That is why when my friends come to me and say, I am getting married’, I ask, ‘Are you sure?’ I have never dated any person and said, ‘Oh, this is the person I want to marry.” Click to read more lines…

VIDEO: Apologise For Killing My Grandmum Before Putting Her Face On 5,000 Naira Note

Friday, August 31, 2012

Photo of the Day

                                           What is funny about this picture?

D’Banj & Adama Indimi – Are they truly love birds?

You know I love you my dear readers. I don’t want you to miss anything from this gist. So I am bringing it to you word for word from MAESTROMEDIA.

We got this scoop that something sizzling might be on going between Nigeria's Mr Entertainer , who is also one of Africa's biggest Music Star's- THE ONE,THE ONLY-D Banj and one of the gloriously gorgeous daughters of Maiduguri based Multi-Millionaire, Alhaji Mohammed Indimi, who is also General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida's in-law. So hot is the supposed relationship between Dapo and Adama that some are speculating it might become something more serious. click to continue...

READERS MAIL: How Men Drug And Abuse Ladies (A Must Read)

I apologise for the last reader’s mail. I promise I won’t post such again.

Hi, Ladun

I am Ify, a girl like you who also has fears, beliefs, reservations and just your regular typical Nigerian girl. This past few weeks has been one hell of a game for me. I have really been unsettled and I thought I share this story with you. When Cynthia (the lady killed in the hotel room in Festac) surfaced the internet and various new media, I was scared and it brought back a whole lot of memories to me and also served as an eye opener. Many people castigated and criticized Cynthia (may her gentle soul rest in peace). But my point is, it could be any body, anybody at all. We have met people through various social media, some have ended up well, and some have not with painful memories. To cut the long story short, let me kindly share with you my encounter with social media especially the very popular Blackberry Messenger BBM.  Click to continue reading…

D’banj Performs at Rita Ora’s Show at Scala, London

American singer, Rita Ora celebrated the release of her new single ‘How We Do (Party)’ and her debut album with two exclusive shows in Uk, where D’banj performed at one. He performed at the
Scala show where he wowed the audience. Pictures from the show when you continue…

Flowssick, Rayce and Ms Jaie Storm Club DV8 Tonight For Hennessy

The much anticipated Hennessy Artistry club tour will finally kick off today!

Organizers of the annual music platform announced the supporting acts for this year’s Hennessy Artistry club tour at the video premiere event of Hennessy Artistry 2012 theme track, “Bartender” on August 16, 2012. Click to continue...

Togolese Women Protest Pants Down (PICTURES)

Several Togolese women  who are protesting under the opposition name, “Sauvons Le Togo” (“Let’s Save Togo”), have on August 28 in Togo’s capital Lome, dropped their trousers in front of police forces to provoke them, to the great amusement of fellow protesters, bystanders and journalists.

The day before, the collective had called on its female members to join a week-long “sex strike”, designed to motivate more men to join them in their fight against President Faure Gnassingbé.
For the moment there is no way of knowing if this appeal to “close their legs”, as local journalists describe it, has been adhered to.

Another demonstration is planned for next Thursday, where this time women have been openly invited to undress.

Photo of the Day: Jim Iyke

Lobatan Jim Iyke won’t kill us. Can you read the inscription on his shirt? ‘Shame on you girls, I'm still a bachelor’. Oh Jim Jim

PICTURES: Top Model Mimi Celebrates Birthday in Style

More pictures when you continue...

Quote of the Day: Nike Oshinowo

"Anytime I enter a church people are always quick to notice me and some may not even concentrate on the service anymore as I always become the center of attraction in such cases. And this also distracts me. Therefore I have preferred to stay at home and worship God, rather than to keep causing unnecessary distractions in church."