Saturday, September 15, 2012

Photo of the Day

They say it’s a shrine in China. I am not sure how true this is. But some statues sha...smh

Toolz in New Photos

You think you can fight? In the first pic Toolz shows us how to be a boxer and in others she shows us how a Diva rocks her style. She will also be launching her site on the 18th of this month. Click to see more pictures.

Tweet of the Day

Peter Okoye today got angry with a few of his fans on twitter. We all know Peter is a fun loving guy, what now happened today. The Tweets below;

UNVEILED: Meet Wizkid’s Babymama and Son

The sender claims the lady in the picture is Wizkid’s girlfriend, Shola who had a child Boluwatife for him last year. Shola is 21 and she recently finished from North American University. Boluwatife clocked one not too long ago. God bless the little boy and mother.

Canadian Magazine Features Stephanie Okereke in its ‘Next Big Thing’ Segment

…Says it’s the biggest wedding in 2012.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Should abortion be legal in cases of r*pe and incest?

Yes: Of course. Why should the mother be stuck with extra responsibilities because she was r*ped? Are you going to carry that child to term? Are you going to deliver it? Buy diapers, clean eat and feed. The child may look more like your attacker. So you have to be constantly reminded of your painful and horrible ordeal.

NO: Abortion is still killing an innocent child, no matter how you got him/her! So please keep the pregnancy.

Do you go with the YES or the NO? What is your Opinion on this?

Sexy Peter Okoye...

No no but seriously what kind of message is Peter trying to pass across? Is he trying to make us feel h*rny? Han han it’s not fair now. We all know Peter is secretly married, yes don’t worry about that, who takes in the second time without formalizing her union with her man. Anyways, ‘sha jor ’ meaning please peter leave us alone. You are gone, we can’t have you. Stop tormenting us. We would have understood if it was Paul doing this. Lol