Saturday, October 6, 2012

Toyin Aimakhu In New photos

Well it is for her new movie titled 'Iyawo Gbajumo' oga ju.

Is It Better To Be Big or Skinny?

I've noticed that on different blogs, if skinny girls are featured on the blog, many people attack them of either being "un-african" of bags of bones, and I've heard this one many times "thick rules, only dogs settle for bones".

I think I have a right to address this issue as I'm not big nor skinny, I'm in between (a uk size 10) so, I'll have to say the following;

1) For a very long time, skinnier girls have been seen as an epitome of beauty and elegance; beauty pageants, music videos, adverts etc and bigger girls have been stung hard by this and always find a way to boost their esteem by teasing smaller girls, trying to make them feel bad about themselves.

2)Traditionally, in our african culture, a fuller figure has been more favoured, but ever since we've been penetrated by the "western" culture (which worships slenderness) skinniness has been recently favoured.

3) So, I earlier stated that I've heard people say this a couple of times "thick rules, only dogs settle for bones" does it mean that skinny girls don't deserve to be with men? Or men with skinny spouses are dogs?

And also, how come there are no plus size super models? How come over 70% of women that are succesful in the entertainment industry (hollywood) are skinny, does it mean bigger girls aren't talented enough?

I'm trying to see things through both sides, I want to know your reader's opinion on this matter.


A Faithful Blog-reader

Photo: Heavily Pregnant Mercy Johnson Spotted With Julius Agwu

Opinions/Debate/Ideas: Should a compulsory three months paid maternity leave be granted to working moms?

YES: I agree that all working moms should have a compulsory three months paid maternity leave, because mothers need to spend as much time as possible with their newborns. Working moms should have three months paid leave, because I believe it is imperative that the mother spend as much time as possible with a newborn baby, to form the bond that will last their entire lives. Many other countries in the developed world provide this benefit for their employees, male and female. In some cases, the mother may not have physically recovered from the birth process before that time is up. Working mothers need at least that long to recover and bond with their babies, before returning to the workforce.

NO: I do not believe that three months of paid maternity leave should be granted to all working moms since they are committed to their jobs on terms that are separate from personal choices like pregnancy. Though I think having some maternity leave is important, I believe having three months of paid compulsory maternity leave is an excessive amount to expect businesses to pay. Such a stipulation would only bias companies against working mothers since they are already slowed down in the later terms of their pregnancy but are not working for less compensation during those times; to expect a business to also pay them for three months of leave when their pregnancy is a personal choice would only cause companies to put a hiring freeze on pregnant women.

What's your opinion?

Man who drugs, rapes and robs women says he did it for revenge

The man, who identified himself simply as Samson Igwe, is now a guest in one of the police cells, after detectives trailed him to a popular hotel in Oregun, Lagos. He was arrested together with a friend he’d recruited to join in his operations.

They operated in  Lagos, Port Harcourt, and Abuja by luring innocent women and robbing them of expensive jewelries, handsets and cash running into millions of naira.

However, in an interview with the Vanguard, he said he had no apology for doing what he did. He said that a lady he picked in Lagos in 2010 when he came back from South Africa rubbed him after he sucked her boobs and slept off. After that incident, he set out to exert revenge on women.
According to him,  “I am a native of Orlu in Imo State, but I traveled to South Africa in  year  2000, and I lived for 10  years before I returned home. I came back with $30,000 and I lodged at the Airport Hotel in Ikeja. On the night,  I went to Metro Park Night club and picked a woman. I took her to my hotel room and when  we got there I had a friend who came to pay me a visit in my room and while we  were discussing, the woman discovered that I just returned from South Africa and I had some money. Click to continue.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Could this be Mrs Incredible?

M.I was spotted at a recent event with a with a mystery lady and according to sources M.I couldn't get his hands off her through out the event. Well if she is the one, we are glad we found out and wish Mr incredible and the lady a happy courtship.Another picture when you continue.

Pictures thanks to Elejo.

The Rhoda Wilson Show Comes to Nigeria

Rhoda Wilson started her career as an expert in the financial and energy sector in the United Kingdom. Her experience in some of the world’s most prestigious firms gave her the skills and ability to manage teams, develop successful strategies, and mentor individuals who aspire to be the best. She is an award winning inspirational talk show host - "The Rhoda Wilson Show'' which tackles a range of issues with leading fulfilled and successful lives.

Apart from profiling a variety of guests on her show, Rhoda Wilson has appeared on a number of TV and radio shows including BBC World Service, VoxAfrica, Bang Radio and Colourful Radio. She has been featured on a number of print and online publications such as Nigeria Watch, New Africa Women, Women of African Diaspora, Afrostyle, AfroElle Magazine, and Twenty Ten Club and also selected as a "Member of The Week" by Business Fights Poverty. Please click to continue.

8- Month old baby Joshua Oluwajuwonlo with a hole in the heart needs our help

The pictures above is what is left of our once bubbly and lively bundle of joy, Master Joshua Oluwajuwonlo Mordi. It all began at birth when we noticed his breathing was a little faster than normal, but we were too overwhelmed with joy of our new arrival to pay serious attention. Though the Doctors carried out routine checks after which we were assured he was going to be fine or possibly outgrow it, the reverese is what we are now faced with. Reality set in when he suddenly began to lose weight and show little or no interest to feeding and became a shadow of his once lively self. We were advised to try a variety of baby formulas / food and he rejected them all. Please click to continue.

Who wore it better: Damilola Adegbite vs Isio Wanogho

                                                             I think the dress is pretty cool.

Photo of the Day: Susan Peters & Queen Latifah

                                                                 Black is beautiful.

House Boy Steals N25m Jewellery of General Bajowa’s Wife

This is according to Pm News; Thieves appear to be targeting the treasure boxes of wives of Nigeria’s retired generals with another case of a house help who stole the jewellery of the wife of General Olu Bajowa.

Last month in Kano, thieves stole the N20million jewellery of Mariam, wife of the late Nigerian dictator, General Sani Abacha.

The latest incident happened in Ibadan. The suspect, Kingsley Aimekhu , a house help of the former acting Military Governor, South East Region and River States and ex- Ondo State Gubernatorial candidate, General Olu Bajowa, stole the jewellery, worth N25m from the wife of the General.Please click to continue reading.

Majid Michel & Dakore On The Cover of RedSheet 13th Issue

Who likes Dakore's new hair do? Fab!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

May7Ven Shows the Men What They Have Been Dying To See

Oh Yeah...And You Think May7ven is stopping soon? No no no you are so wrong! If you don't like her music you must like her looks. There you go girl...Give it to them!

Regina Askia in New Stunning Photos

The former actress is sure not giving up soon. Cool! Click for more photos.

Learn Best Practices In Global Fashion Retail Business

As part of the activities scheduled ahead of the Miami Fashion Week which features African designers on its runway for the first time ever in March 2013, W-Art and Design invites all fashion industry practitioners, designers, marketers and retailers to a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn best practices in global fashion retail business.Click to continue reading.

Bimbo Thomas Replies Critics

Remember we posted a story yesterday culled from a Magazine about Bimbo Thomas? Well the actress has denied getting an apartment from a Lagos Big Boy. Here is the message she sent out through her Blackberry phone;

Whoeva cooked dis up must av been there wen bimbo Thomas rented her apartment and since it wasn't recorded dat she was accompanied by a colleague,then its been fabricated and dat she works hard so she can afford a 3bedrm apartment . And I can put it to you that artists re entitled to fan's appreciation towards gud work. Cos nobody got me an aprtmnt n d car I got was 4rm a fan overseas who appreciated my work as an actress. Who ever has got problem wit dat shuld put 4 a role in movie.....

Lol Bimbo is not smiling.

Mikel Obi Signs Karen's Younger Brother, Kido

Remember I broke the news yesterday about Mikel Obi's Record Label. Well its official. Karen Igho just announced this morning that her younger brother, Kido has officially been signed by Mikel to his record label. Karen is so excited about this new development and so grateful. We wish all the parties involved the best. Don't forget you read it here first again oh, hehehe.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Nigerian Men Not on the Map When It Comes to Largest Manhood in the World

What? hahaha Nigerian men had better stop flaunting. Ridiculous! Hehehe Ghanaians even took the third position.

Congolese men have the largest penises in the world, according to a new research published in the Scientific Journal of  Personality and Individual Differences. The men of Africa's Republic of Congo are best equipped at an enormous 7.1 inches. They are closely followed by Ecuadoreans at 7in, Ghanaians at 6.8in and Colombians at 6.7in. The research which covers 113 nationalities, indicates that in Europe, Icelanders are the best endowed at 6.5in and the Irish are the second smallest at 5.03in - behind only Romanians at 5.01in.

Africans have the biggest penises at an average of 6.3in and north-east Asians the smallest at 4.2in. The average British man's penis is apparently 5.5in when erect - coming ahead of the French at 5.3in, Australians (5.2in), Americans (5.1in) and Irish (5in).

The sensitive subject was tackled by Richard Lynn, Emeritus Professor of Psychology at Ulster Unive

Photo of the Day: Mrs Idibia

Hahaha Annie won't just stop. I agree it's better to look younger than your age. Go Annie. Go Annie. She's got the man, now she wants the looks. Whoop! Whoop!! lol.

How I Was Molested By Uniform Men- Actress Dorothy Njemanze

The actress had an encounter with some men in man-o-war uniform few days ago in Abuja, and you just don't want to read her story. Lawless country where men in uniform are allowed to misbehave.

“On my way from the ambassador for peace beauty pageant held at the Sheraton Hotels, I decided to check on my brother at the end of my street. I parked my car in front of Dreams Garden at the end of my street behind one bus, and was going in to see Ugo (my brother) when a man dressed in a man-o-war uniform appeared from nowhere and shoved me on my breasts, commanding that I get into the bus I parked behind.

“I reprimanded him for touching my breasts but instead of apologizing, he continued to pushing me by my breasts towards the bus, so when I couldn’t bear it anymore I pushed him too and started running away.Please click to continue.

Audu Maikori, Eldee, Flowsick, Ayo Makun, Others Attend Hennessy Artistry Sixth Edition

Gbemi and Maria BEAT FM                                                       Flowssick
The sixth edition of the annual music platform, Hennessy Artistry is gradually getting to its peak. Last weekend, Hennessy lovers, music fans and celebrities came out in their numbers to be a part of the fun and excitement courtesy Hennessy Cognac.

The first ever performance of the Hennessy Artistry 2012 theme song, “Bartender” brought celebrities of the highest level in the entertainment industry together; with guests including Wizkid, Jide Adenuga, Skales, eLDee, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, Steel, Toolz, Audu Maikori, Majid Michel, AY and many more. Please click to continue.

Photos From Stephanie Okereke's Surprise Birthday Party

Nollywood diva, Stephanie Okereke-Linus added another year yesterday, 2nd of October and a surprise party was held for her in thier Ikoyi home by her husband,Linus Idahosa.Click to see more photos.

Lagos Big Boy Buys Actress Bimbo Thomas An SUV...Moves Her Into Ajao Estate Apartment

Popular Yoruba actress, Bimbo Thomas is currently having a good time in her career. And that is because the dark-complexioned actress recently got a car gift of SUV from an ardent fan of hers. And to cap that up, she reportedly moved into a 3-bedroom flat in Ajao Estate, Lagos, a few days ago, courtesy of the same fan who we learnt, rented the apartment for her.

But an interesting angle to the story is that the Ajao estate apartment used to be occupied by another popular Yoruba actress, Bisi Komolafe, who reportedly lived in the apartment at the instance of the same fan that is now showering Bimbo Thomas with gifts. Click to continue.

HOT HOT Kunle Afolayan On The Cover of House Of Maliq! Daniella Okeke Joins Too...

Click to see more photos

Lagos Assembly Divided Over Introduction of Chinese Language

The Lagos State House of Assembly was yesterday divided over the proposed introduction of Chinese language in the state’s school curriculum.

The representative of Ajeromi-Ifelodun in the Assembly, Mr. Abdulbak Balogun, had drawn the attention of the House to a statement credited to Oladunjoye over the introduction of Chinese language to public schools.

Balogun said, “Why Chinese language in our public schools? If we want our children to learn Chinese language, why not in the university where they learn linguistics?” Click to continue.

Mikel Obi Floats Record Label

Guess the new record label boss in town? Whoop whoop, you can't guess right. Well, it's none other than Mikel Obi the Super Eagles midfielder and Chelsea star. According to a source the name of the record label is MMM (Matured Money Minds) and already has few artistes like Kido, Splash, Edgar on it. The affairs of the record label will be managed by Patrck Obi, his younger brother. See pics with the MMM boys.

But why MMM? lol

Uti Nwachukwu is Angry!

He wrote the above statement on his Facebook page and the one below on Twitter. Who knows Uti knew God this way?. Egyptian Plague would be a child's play? Wow the actor is really angry.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Lagbaja Without His Mask

Some people are saying the guy on the right is Lagbaja the famous musician. I don't know who leaked the picture online. But could this be Lagbaja?

Who rocked the shoes better: Denrele vs Prince Uzoegwu

Who rocked the shoes better? Please free any gay ish, we dont want to send anyone to 14yrs in prison,lol. Who do you think rocked the shoes better?

New Wine Handbags For Ladies

The traditional handbag can accommodate a women's essentials from her make-up to her phone. But one Swiss creator decided that this was simply not enough for women who are leading an increasingly hectic lifestyle.So she took it upon herself to redesign the traditional handbag and make it fit for the modern woman and it even comes complete with a special compartment for a bottle of wine.

Swiss creator Claudia Eicke said she had the idea while thinking of a bag that would hold all the items needed for a whole day.And with women whose lifestyle is a constant race against the clock, she needed to invent a bag that would be suitable for work as well as shopping trips and parties. It is currently on sale for £863.

Forget the price, lets assume it's only about N50k will you buy one?

BREAKING NEWS: 20 Students Killed By Unknown Gunmen In Federal Poly Mubi

At least 20 students have been shot dead by unknown gunmen in Mubi, north-eastern Nigeria, a police source has told the BBC.

The attack happened at a student hostel away from the Federal Polytechnic Mubi campus, the source said.

A lecturer told the BBC that more than 40 students had been killed but there has been no official comment.Please click to continue.

Brazil's Miss B*mB*m Pageant Photos

Ever heard about a 'B*mB*m' pageant? Well we have got one in Brazil. The hugely popular contest involves 27 of Brazil's peachiest backsides fighting it out for the title of best bottom. And yes, the ladies have got the 'B*ms'.

The first round of the competition is decided by online voters - meaning anyone can select which cl-ASS-y girl gets through to next round.

BRILLIANT, beautiful, bouncy Brazilian bikini babes' big barnstorming best b*m battle

Update: Post edited.

Late Fela Kuti Gets Verified On Twitter

His account @Felakuti was opened 3years ago and has over 3000 followers. The account just recently got verified. When you are a legend, you are a legend.

Bayelsa State To Immortalize General Sani Abacha

To mark the 16th anniversary of the creation of Bayelsa State, the state government has announced its decision to immortalise late General Sani Abacha.

It has concluded plans to lay the foundation stone for a 150 duplex housing estate which would be named after late General Abacha whose government created Bayelsa State as Head of State on the 1st of October, 1996. Governor Seriake Dickson announced the decision yesterday in his broadcast to commemorate the 16th anniversary of the creation of the State and the 52nd independence of the country.

According to Governor Dickson, government in partnership with the Ijaw National Congress (INC), has christened the main auditorium of the INC secretariat after General Abacha as well as invite the family of the late General to be part of the celebration and also plant a memorial tree in his honour.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Nigeria @52 -Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon

"As we celebrate our flag and shambolic autarky at 52, we must realize that Nigeria is still more of a geographic contrivance as has been rightly posited by Chief Obafemi Awolowo. Not with our centrifugal excrescences preponderating over our centripetal proclivities. It’s a matter for mental pabulum that we are daily drifting into our ethnic cocoons.

We still remain one country with disparate ethnic agendas and I can say it for the umpteenth time again that we must sit down in a sovereign national colloquy to discuss the basis for our nationhood. Anything short of this is just vacuous scahiamachy.”

Quote of the Day: Toolz

“Jazzy and Banky are good friends of mine. My relationship status is plain currently, I’m not married. Marriage is absolutely in the cards for me. Right now I’m focusing on finding the right person, it is very important that I find someone who respects the sanctity of marriage like I do.”

Photos From J Martin's Birthday Party

 Click to see more photos

How Do I Pay Back My Debts And Continue My Business

Ladun thanks for always being dere.but I really need you to post this as I'm on the verge of running mad thanks to antidepressants.

I know so many people will know Me.I've even made friends with them here but I've been holding this in for too long.I'm a 24 year old lady.I graduated four yrs ago with a 2.2 and since then life has been hell for Me..I have worked in 8 different places doin odd jobs lyk a sales girl where I was being paid from 8k to 10k monthly just to be able to meet my needs and for feeding my mum which has been really helpful. Please click to continue.

Happy Independence Day Nigeria

Happy Independence day to everyone. God bless Nigeria.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Woman With Two Vaginas Rejects $1M Offer To Star In P Movie

A woman with two vaginas  who has captured the attention of the P industry has said she would never consider accepting any role in a film.
Hazel Jones appeared on TV earlier this week, where she revealed she was diagnosed with ‘uterús didelphys’ – a condition which means she has two wombs and two cervixes.

The 27-year-old has since been approached by Vivid Entertainment, a U.S. ádult film production company.
But the horrified blonde, from High Wycombe said she turned down the deal.

According to This Morning, she said: ‘I have never received any offers of this kind of work nor would I ever consider doing it in a million years. ‘I just want to be left alone.’

The response comes after founder of Vivid Steven Hirsch wrote a letter to Ms Jones offering her $1m to star in one of his films. In the letter, Hirsch wrote: ‘You are obviously an extraordinary woman and I would like to make you an offer to star in an upcoming Vivid production. ‘We would pay you up to $1 million for your services.’
Hirsch also promised to cover travel and accommodation expenses, as the film would be shot in Los Angeles.

Some unbelieveable offers,lol.

Quote of the Day: Seun Kuti

I feel Rick Ross big belly is more worthy of criticism than his video. Is he saying it's right to be obese? - Seun Kuti. The singer said this on Rubbing Minds this afternoon on Tv. I just love the kuti family.

Ibinabo Sworn In yesterday As The New President Of AGN

Yesterday, Saturday, September 29, 2012 former beauty queen Ibinabo Fiberisima was officially sworn in as the new president of the Actors’ Guild of Nigeria (AGN) after winning the national elections.

The swearing took place at the guild’s national secretariat in Surulere in the presence of other actors, directors and movie producers. Please note Emeka Rollas was never declared the winner. Miss Ibinabo had 97 votes while Mr Emeka Rollas had 86. Congrats to Miss Ibinabo again.