An Open Letter To Cossy Orjiakor and Tonto Dikeh


This letter was written by a blogger known as Ngozi Kanwiro
( to Cossy and Tonto Dikeh.
The unscrupulous lifestyles of Igbo NOLLYWOOD Actresses,
Cossy Orjiakor and Tonto Dikeh are just becoming too unbearable.
This duo has ignorantly and intentionally refused to stop
their no-longer interesting/entertaining lifestyles that are now tarnishing the
image of the Igbo female group as a whole.

It is so disheartening how Cossy has continued to tarnish
the image of our Igbo sisters through her dirty lifestyles that now give all
Nigerians the impression that Igbo ladies are all prostitutes using their
bodies to climb to the ladder of fame in all works of life, whereas in reality,
it is not true, rather it is being practiced by few unscrupulous Igbo girls who
have nothing else to offer to the Nigerian society aside exposing their
God-given feminine physique in sexual-appealing manner to gain popularity, and
by giving out their supposed holy-bodies to men (married and single) so long as
he can pay the price.
Please Cossy and Tonto, Nigerians and most importantly,
Ndigbo are no longer finding your ugly, dirty lifestyles funny, please you
girls should turn a new leaf this new year and embrace God in your lives for
your own good. You two maybe thinking that you are on top of the game, but you
are only causing yourselves more harm than good, and if you ladies refuse to
change for better, you will surely reap a negative fruit in future to come.
Finally, I am using this medium with other mediums to
follow, to call on the Ohanaeze Ndigbo society to please write personally to
Cossy Orjiakor and Tonto Dikeh to change their lifestyles as soon as possible,
and if they fail or pay deaf ear, then the Ohanaeze Ndigbo should write to
NOLLYWOOD, PMAN, Nigeria Censorship Agency, and every other entertainment
industry in Nigeria through the major national dailies in Nigeria, to ban them
from participating in Nigerian entertainment industries of any kind.
This is so sad because they are no longer entertaining
Nigerians but rather teaching the upcoming Nigeria youths bad moral conducts.
Just see the unimaginable picture an African woman of Igbo
origin posted publicly online in the name of entertaining her so-called fans.
Yes, such rubbish can be done in the west, this is Africa, Nigeria and this
also goes beyond to tarnishing the name of Igbo tribe. Spread this message as
fast as you can. Thanks.

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