Can One Have S*x 2 Weeks After an Abortion?


Good morning Ladun, pls post this on your  blog so I can get advice from your readers, am so  scared of what I got myself into (abortion).

I  had unprotected s*x with a girl, 3 weeks after she claimed to miss her period (she claimed she was on ovulation the time we had s*x) and demanded some money for abortion and the money was paid to her account, the next day she claimed the abortion has been done, a week after, she claimed that she has seen her period. Pls my question is this: 1) is it possible to see your monthly period a week after abortion?

2) Could she be telling the truth or she was out to get money from me (which am not bothered about) because am still trying to get my head around this.

Pls advice me first on what you think about my story, pls its a real story. I tried to be nice to her and was telling her that I don’t believe her story, but she insisted it happened, but I still sense lies in her, then one day I accused her she was a lair that she was never pregnant, I told her she lied to get money from me and her reaction showed I may be right….. I stopped calling her and she kept calling me ( I sense guilty mind) and to my surprise she asked that she wants to visit me again so we have s*x again. Pls who does abortion and have s*x with same person barely two weeks after the abortion?

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