My Niece Was Actually Sleeping With My Husband- Woman Replies


This mail came in yesterday, but i just saw it. I guess the woman read what you guys said and she sent in a reply. The first story is just a few posts below.

I was thinking of going to get a camera tomorrow after
reading the comments on my post from LLBers. This evening I sat my gate man
down and we started gisting. I asked him if he suspects my husband and my
niece. He did not want to say a word at first. I threatened him and told him he
will lose his job. Then he showed me some pictures of my niece and husband on
his phone. A cheap camera phone I bought him when I returned from England last
I was shocked. I asked him how he got the pictures. That was when he
told me he had noticed both of them and sometimes when he comes into the house
to mob the floor they get so carried away and won’t notice someone came in. He
said he knew I was going to ask him this question one day and that was why he
tried his best to take the pictures without them noticing.

I immediately asked the stupid girl to pack her things and
leave for her mother’s house. She has left the house now and my husband is not
yet back from work. But I plan not to ask my husband any question. 
I am so angry and disappointed at this little bitch. When
she gets to Ibadan she can start sleeping with her step father. I know some of
you will say that was harsh and I shouldn’t have sent her out because it was
getting late. I don’t want to commit murder. After seeing those pictures I felt
irritated. She is only 19 and I am 36. I just couldn’t stomach it and might
kill her if I start beating her. Anyway, case closed. She is out of my house
and I don’t owe her or her mother one penny. Over my dead body. Thank you all.

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