Are You Part of the Billion Naira Website?


The Billion Naira Website is a new, innovative and cost
effective way to advertise and promote individuals and companies. The aim is to
open up a whole new era in the Internet advertising field within Nigeria, by
selling pixels to display an ad or logo. It is for those who have a website,
Facebook page, Twitter handle or YouTube page but are not sure how to market
their businesses online and make their pages earn their keep. It is a platform,
designed to help drive internet traffic to your pages and increase your sites’
ranking within search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo.

The name Billion Naira Website is a very catchy name… It
attracts the attention of customers, therefore bringing more traffic to the
site. The grid on the homepage comprises of millions of pixels in 10,000
squares per category page, each square is valued at N10,000 (this will be the
minimum purchase).  The ten categories
Clubs & Event Planning
Organisations, General Businesses & Education
Estate, Construction & Interior Design
Travel & Tourism
Food & Beverages
Health & Beauty
Publication & Charities
Those wanting advertising space can purchase these squares,
which they can then use to display an ad or logo, together with a link to their
chosen page. Larger groupings can also be bought to make the chosen image stand
We all need to advertise in some shape or form, therefore
why not take a chance and try something new to reach the millions of Internet
users in Nigeria and beyond, which is growing on a daily basis. Anyone who
wants to promote their products and services globally can become parts of the
Billion Naira Website on one condition – not to promote adult or harmful
By providing a link directly to your website or page, this
will inevitably increase traffic to your chosen link, creating awareness for
your product and service offering. Your ad will remain permanently on
the grid for the 2 YEAR period for which you subscribe. This will give your ad exposure,
therefore increasing the number of visitors to your website or page.
Our clients will benefit from the following:
◦ Wider brand recognition
◦ Boosted website traffic
◦ Increased product/service sales
◦ New business leads
◦ Higher search engine ranking
Our Billion Naira Concept is based on the idea, which was
thought by Alex Tew, well known for his million dollar homepage. We wanted to
come up with a different concept that will help businesses in Nigeria with
small marketing budgets to advertise on the Internet at reasonable rates. The
pixels will offer good value compared to current Internet marketing costs
because the Billion Naira Website will be kept online for at least 2 years,
although the aim is to have it up for as long as possible.
This is not a technology story, but about viral marketing
and the Internet. It is a simple idea, basically buying a small piece of land
with a virtual estate online: Advertising wise, it’s a bargain!!!  Check us out today at

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