MAIL: I Have Been Childless For 17years…


I don’t know what you guys will think about this. But I am
just a messenger here. So here is a mail for you.
Hello Ladun,
Help me to post this (am crying as am writing this massage).
My messiah may come from ur friends. My real name is Uju , I married 17yrs ago.
Years of suffering, fasting, praying, mocking, crying, taking tablet and
injection both local and native ones. Click to read.

I got married at the age of 17 dat was 1996, I was a virgin
then and I couldn’t proceed for further education and that’s was the same year
I lost my brave daddy. I married only son wit 8sisters,I was warmly welcome to
the family. Within a year, I couldn’t conceive we both went to hospital, after
running some test I was told that we are both medically ok but can’t still conceive.
We are praying to God, I had been to more than 50 churches, hospital etc but
nothing happen.
After 6yrs of waiting my husband sisters started cursing me,
calling me all sorts of name that am a witch, evil to their family, calling me
barren woman, dat am a man living inside woman. Even my lovely mother in-law
turned against me, I was asked to go back to my father’s house with my spirit of
barrenness but my hubby refused and am not ready to leave him.
I went to church one day before I came back my own
properties was outside both my husband sisters standing closer to my loads. I
was so much humiliated, I was beaten to coma, they poured me bucket of water calling
me evil child, ashawo, u want to tie my brother down, u want our family name to
vanish. Tnk God for my father in-law who came back, he consoled me and even
blessed me that I must bear children and I claimed it. I cried to God every
morning and night asking him to bless my marriage even with one child either
male of female at least to prove to my sisters in law that am not a man but I
believe God will still do it.
In the same year I lost my father in law, I wept I was
hoping one day he will carried my children but God know journey of
rejection started, again, my mother in law humiliated me in the day of the
burial, that her husband died without seeing his only son children, that I will
leave d house for another woman to enter. I cried that day, I was asking God
why me? What have I done?. i married my husband as a virgin then why am I
passing through dis. After 5days of the burial my hubby change, I nearly died
if not God was by Darling, my only hope of living, my first love
abandoned me to my fate but I still luv him and refused to go.
He got married, to
another lady, d lady was older than me and a friend to my husband’s sisters. I
was like a maid to them and as a good Christian I vowed not to go back to my
father house. Within 3months my husband’s 2nd wife took inn, waaaaa I swear I
was happy at least my  husband sisters
and my mother inlaw will be mate,(2nd wife) was like a God to them, I
was humiliated several times by them, bc of her pregnancy. After some months
she delivered a baby girl through CS , everybody was happy including me ,I was
not allowed to carry d child. After 2yrs she had d second child a baby girl
through CS again bt my sisters in laws are not too happy after d second child
even my hubby still praying to God about 
my own too, last month I saw one of my friend who has been married for
12yrs with a child,I was surprise and I keep, asking her how come till she told
me what happened.
She went to bridge clinic and God answered her prayer,she
done IN- VITRO FERTILIZATION(IVF) means fertilisation of the woman’s egg with
the husband’s sperm out of the body. Subsequently, the embryos are transferred
through the cervix into the womb for continued development and hopefully a
pregnancy. i was so happy atleast God will stil bless me, through bridge
clinic, I went to their clinic, when I got home I was very happy and I discuss
d issue about d clinic bt my hubby don’t want to hear anything about my
inability to conceive again, infact he told me that he don’t have money .am
34yrs old now and into small business, i need a child of my own, I want to be a
Am calling all Nigerians to help me out go through dis IVF, to
break d yoke of 17yrs barrenness from me, to help me with support, cash and prayers.
Dont give me cash but to be in the bridge clinic to see D doctor by urseif. I
can’t afford d money for the IVF, even if is one child am ok. Put a  smile on my face again and God will never let
u down, no amount is small.
May God bless u as u read it and am hoping for your support.
My number:08145193021

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