Mother Reports Murder of Her 20-Year Old Son By His Room Mates on Facebook


          Obinna middle, with his supposed friends                                   Obinna and mum
A Mother, Ngozi Awa has reported on her Facebook page that her son, Obinna Okereke Awa, a 20-year old student of Abia State University is dead.

Here is what she wrote; I have just been informed that my second son, Obinna Okereke Awa is dead. He was lured and killed and buried, exactly two weeks today by his course mates and room mates, flanking him here, Edwin Ogbonna and Ikechukwu Uka. All fourth year Law students of Abia State University.
They feigned ignorance of his whereabouts until yesterday.

My son was to be 21 years come May 7th, 2013. May God be magnified! – Mrs Ngozi Awa.

She also wrote this om her page in pains;

Even in my pains
Even in my shock
Even in my sorrow
I still say: Thank you, Lord!

God! How I cried and tore myself up
How I searched and searched
How I paryed and prayed
How I hoped and hoped
chest heaving, tears dripping…

Now, after denial of knowledge of where my son was
After scampering away from school for two weeks
Obinna’s blood has started chasing them out to confess of how they took him out.

Obinna Awa of all people!
Obinna my strong son!
Obinna aaa!

It is well.
I am coping Obinna.
Daddy is devastated.
You should have seen the visitors to the house today
Heard the incessant phone calls, some we answered, others we could not lift our hands or voices to respond to.

How can students plan to eliminate another’s life?
For what?
Did you insult any of them?
Did you wink at their girlfriends?
Did you, Obinna, boast to them?

God, console my poor son!
God, touch our hearts.

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