My Sister-in-Law Wants to Handle the Food Shopping in Our House From Now On


Dear Ladies, 
Last week I told my husband that I needed money to do some
food shopping, while we were having this conversation on the phone he was in the
presence of his sister (his unmarried senior sister). After asking my husband
how much money I needed she concluded that the supermarket that I go to is too
expensive, she then suggested that she would handle the food shopping in our
house from now on. My husband thinks this is a great idea, while I think it is outrageous
and we have been constantly arguing about it. My best friend has told me to
call my sister in law and tell her to keep out of my marital affairs, and in
all honesty that is what I want to do, however I thought I should reach out for
some advice from fellow LLBers before making any rash decisions.

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