Tips on How I Became Size 12 from 18- Egor Efiok


You recently published some photos of Egor Efiok at Ibeshe Beach 2 weeks ago that she shared on her BB. As you know, she used to be very big, so she decided to turn it into a positive thing when your readers began to email her and send messages on FB and Twitter asking her about her weight loss secrets and seeking help in losing weight themselves. She has also been approached by a magazine for a photo shoot to encourage weight loss. (Thanks to Ladun’s blog, hahaha yes thanks to my blog). Egor decided to use the opportunity to give some inspiring advice.

Her Statement Below;

“I didn’t just start my weight loss journey. It has been 14 months and people are now used to my new size. The only reason it has cropped up now is because of the bikini photos I posted on my DP when I went to Ibeshe Beach 2 weeks ago. While my body isn’t yet quite ‘bikini worthy’, I occasionally take shots like these to encourage myself. I actually did not go on the beach that day in my bikini because I was very shy. I was conducting a photo shoot for a client and those photos were taken in my room with my BB and although everyone was urging me to go outside, my liver failed me! I used to be very big, so I want to inspire others. If I can do it, so can they.

I have suffered crippling sciatica for almost a decade and will sometimes be unable to walk for two weeks at a stretch. Mine is bad because I have it on both sides rather than just the left side as most people do. Wearing heels and lifting anything even slightly heavy would instantly inflame my sciatic nerve and I have gone everywhere trying to find a physiotherapist that can trap the nerve. However, since I lost weight, it has become manageable, so it is evident that the benefits of losing weight outweigh the risks. You can do this in the comfort of your home.

I hired a personal trainer for the first 6 weeks and he taught me all my exercise routines. I now do everything unaided. Initially, I lost 35kg and was a UK dress size 8, but because I’m big boned, it made me look gaunt and ill. I’m naturally voluptuous and lost all my curves, so a lot of people complained. I’m now a healthy size 12 and work out vigorously and control my diet to maintain this weight. It’s not easy though and working out has made me gain some muscle. I’ve read comments on some popular sites where people have poked jibes at me calling me ‘manly’! Lol! They are entitled to their opinions anyway and I’m proud of my ‘manly’ body and ‘sexy bow legs’!

I’d rather gain a bit of muscle than go back to my former size 18. I’m more interested in inspiring other people because I know how they feel. However, I’ll admit that it is a constant struggle to maintain this weight and I have relapsed a few times. I put on 6kg over November and the Christmas period because I wasn’t working out. I was very busy organising the London premiere of Turning Point and was invited to be one of the Calabar carnival judges as I arrived back in Nigeria. Trust Calabar! All that ekpangnkukwo and Afang soup! They spoiled me rotten and I had a lovely time. As soon as I returned to Lagos, I resumed my vigorous work out and running sessions and am now back to my healthy size.

I receive a lot of emails from people enquiring about my weight loss tips and I’m seriously considering releasing a free fitness DVD on-line after shooting my next movie. Honestly, anybody that follows my exercise and diet routine will maintain a healthy weight. You can eat what you like really and you can even eat 5 or 6 times a day. These are the tricks: Eat small portions, reduce your carbohydrate intake (white rice, white bread and yam are the worst culprits), eat a lot of vegetables (your eba shouldn’t be more than a handful), drink lots of water, AVOID fizzy drinks and try not to eat after 7pm. If you feel peckish after then, snack on fruits.

For exercise: Run for 30 minutes at least 5 times a week. Do sit ups, crunches, squats and as many indoor exercises as you can, regularly. Finally, always remember that you are human, so if you relapse, don’t feel guilty; just pick yourself up and start again”.

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