Who wants to have s*x when they’ve made love- Nse Etim’s Sister Defends Her


‘Who wants to have s*x when they’ve made love? I don’t. My sister who got married on Thursday, the 14th didn’t want to either… Get your minds out of the gutter lol. It’s about settling or not settling as the case may be. My sister waited 21 years to marry the one good man she had met in her teenage years. He had shown her what real love was and she wasn’t going to settle for less than that after she knew what real love was. I’m not saying everyone should wait for that one guy or one girl they loved in high school. I’m saying, when you have been with a good man, it is hard to settle for less than that. My ex kept saying I’d never find another like him and I thought, ‘but I’ve been with a good guy…’, so I knew what it felt like to be with a good person and it wasn’t the same. So today, when I think of that statement, I say Amen… when I’m particularly happy, I scream ‘AMEN’!!’

‘I went home from school to watch my sister become  the wife of the man who loves her. I was completely surrounded by love while I was home…from the way he looked and spoke to her…you know, it gave me hope. Yes, and I had never seen her so happy and I was happy and I was drunk all the time I was home. hehe! And quick update, I met someone. Let’s call him Kamara. No further info, until I have more  …anyway, I’m single and I’m four-hob dating…’

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