Another Lady is Pregnant For My Husband Again


Great job you are doing. Please can you help me publish my story. I need LLBers to advise me on this. Thank you.

I have been married for 4 years with a child. I tried to have another child but it has been impossible. My husband has a girl he’s dating which has made us fight severally. I know this girl and i have warned her to stay away from my husband. I received a text from one of her friends that she is  pregnant with my husband’s child. I saw her later and could tell she is pregnant. We live in the same estate Ladun. If this turns out to be true i do not think i can forgive my husband. Last year January a lady came to introduce herself to me, she was my husband’s mistress and had a child in her hands. As painful as it was, the boy looked so much like my husband so i confronted him. He accepted he knew her and the child was his. He begged me not to expose him and i agreed.

I know my husband his a randy man but he never exhibited these traits while we were dating.  Life to me is so unpleasant right now.

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