I Have Prayed Incessantly To God To Give My Fiancé’s Ex Her Own Man


Hello Ladun,

Please post this on your website so that i can get views from your readers on this issue.

I am in a relationship with a guy who happens to be the last son of his family. Our relationship has had its fair share of ups and downs but thank God that love has been the ultimate force behind our relationship and we are currently planning towards our marriage.

The problem is that my fiance’s ex is best of friends with his elder brother’s wife. Both of them have been making it very difficult for me to enjoy my relationship because this ex keeps having excuses to come around especially now that we are planning our marriage.

On countless occasions  my fiance has had fights with his ex and brother’s wife because of this but the girl still keeps coming around. I know deep in my heart that she is not over him even though they broke up 3 and half years ago (she got pregnant for someone else and tried to rope him as the father). I have prayed incessantly to God to provide her with her  own man so she can be occupied with her own life but that prayer hasn’t been answered yet. I also know that my fiance’s brother’s wife is the one pushing her into our lives because I once overheard her telling my fiance (during one of their numerous fights) that his ex is from a rich family that will complement his status unlike me whose father is a nobody.

I am feeling very low at the moment because I am from a broken home caused by a similar issue. My father’s ex just refused to leave him and kept using juju on my father until  he ended up chasing my mum and us (his children) away. It hasn’t been easy since then but thank God for my fiance who helped me pull through.

Please advice me LLBers. Should I go ahead with this marriage knowing that this woman might always be in the background of my marriage? or should I just walk away now and have peace of mind in future.  .

Thank you Ladun.

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