I’m Worried! My Husband Has 1001 Girlfriends Via Blackberry


Please i need your advise asap. I am married to my best friend of 17years (married for 6 years now). He is 36 years old and i am 33 years old. He is a very nice man, apart from his lust for women and his blackberry……..As far as i know right now he does not have physical contact with any girl here.

But has 1001 of girlfriends in Nigeria via blackberry. It started with his married  ex-girlfriends sending him
their naked pictures…..Now he has switched to younger girls. I have their pictures in a safe place. I am tempted to post their pictures online…..maybe, they will let him rest or he will let them rest. He thinks him been on bb does not affect our relationship…but, it does. He stays up all night chatting and hardly have time for s*x. His conversation with ***dem*** girls is so raw….but if i try to flirt with him at home and use the “D” word,”F” word or the “P” word na war. What can i do?

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