My Broken Heart Led Me to Success- Fast Rising Actress, Lilian Esoro


Lilian Esoro acts as Nurse Abigail in the family comedy soap series Clinic Matters. I’m sure most of you know her now. She recently granted an interview where she spoke about love and heart break.

Have you ever fallen in love before?
Yes I have.

And still in love?
(laughing) let’s just say I have fallen in love before. Eh, everyone has fallen in love before. Love is a beautiful thing. When I was in love it was like Heaven and I wished the feeling never went away. It was good while it lasted. It’s an experience everyone should have. Click to read more.

So, your heart was broken?
Oh, broken, scattered, shattered, ironed and everything. It was actually my broken heart that led me to success. After I fell out of love I was so heartbroken that I could not get my mind off it. So, to get my mind off it, I decided to do something else and that led me into forming my own company to start event management business but I don’t want to talk about it.

What’s your idea of s*x generally and of premarital s*x?
Well, it doesn’t matter what my views are on the subject, those who want to do it would still do it. As for me, if you feel it is the right time to do it go ahead. It’s a free world. You don’t want to live your life thinking of what the next person thinks of you.

S*x is very good. It calms your nerves. If you feel the time is right for you, go ahead, just make sure it is with the right person.

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