Wednesday, March 20, 2013

NOT AGAIN: 46-Year Old Mr Eze Okoro Shot Dead By Police In Front Of His House

Eze Okoro, a 46-year-old man in Lagos was allegedly shot dead by drunk Nigerian Police officers recently in front of his house at 1, Oguntolu Street, Ijaiye, Ojokoro area, Lagos State, southwest Nigeria.
But the police have denied taking part in his murder.

According to sources, the policemen had been drinking for about six hours at a hotel nearby before they gunned down the man while he was enjoying evening breeze in front of his house after work .

After shattering his waist with bullets, the policemen who were said to have come from the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS, Ikeja, forcefully took his corpse away, perhaps to cover up their heinous act and dumped it in a mortuary at Yaba.

The policemen took him to Yaba after the Ikeja mortuary officials insisted that before his body could be deposited there, they must fill certain forms, which they refused.

According to Okoro’s wife, Mrs Ugo Okoro, her husband, who is a businessman, returned from work on the fateful day, and because there was no electricity supply, they went and relaxed in front of their house to enjoy some breeze before going to sleep.

She said their family friend, Chinedu Nwanu and his wife, Nneka Nwanu, who is heavily pregnant, also joined them outside.

Ugo said it was not up to five minutes after she left them and went into their apartment that she heard gun shots and the residents started running in all directions.

She said while the commotion was going on, she heard her husband, who was wearing a pair of shorts and simple shirt, shouting that he was not a robber and was explaining to the policemen that he was just relaxing in front of his house.

“Nneka also fell down and started shouting that she was pregnant and showing the police her husband who was beside her. She was allowed to leave with her husband and one of the policemen shot my husband in the waist and he died on the spot,” Ugo narrated.

Sources told P.M.NEWS that the team of policemen had arrived a popular hotel in the area beside Okoro’s house in a Sienna bus with registration number KJA 280 BD and were drinking heavily in the hotel from 4p.m. till 10 p.m. before the incident happened.

Police sources claimed that the man was shot in error during a gun batttle with armed robbers in the hotel, a claim disproved by Okoro’s wife and relatives.

Even the hotel management told P.M.NEWS that there was no shootout between the police and robbers as claimed by the police and that they did not know their mission in the area that day.

The hotel sources, who pleaded for anonymity, said they only noticed the unusual presence of policemen which caused panic in their hotel.

One of the sources said that the policemen did not disclose their mission. Rather they were there having their drinks for several hours.

The source said it was later that they heard gun shots outside and residents including workers of the hotel started running for safety and that after some time, he got to know that they had shot and killed Okoro.

He insisted that there was no robbery incident in the area that day.

Okoro’s younger brother, Innocent, said he was informed about what happened and he immediately contacted other members of the family and they started searching from one police station to another for his corpse.

He said they went to many police stations and commands and to their greatest suprise, they all denied having anything to do with the incident.

Innocent said the search lasted for three days and there was no information whatsoever before they contacted a top police officer who made the police to open up.

He said the police then asked him to go to Yaba mortuary and search for Okoro’s corpse. And when he got there he discovered that the corpse was dumped there as an unidentified corpse.

He said the corpse was brought back to Ikeja General Hospital mortuary where he filled the necessary documents.

Innocent expressed shock about what happened and the way the police treated the whole matter by not even contacting the family because they knew he was an innocent resident they killed for no reason.

He also told P.M.NEWS that “the police admitted that Okoro was killed in error and asked us to come forward with the elders of the family.”

The late Okoro hailed from Imo State. He had a son called Divine.

Meanwhile the Officer In Charge of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, Superintendent of Police, Abba Kyari, has claimed that it was armed robbers that shot Okoro while they were trying to escape during an exchange of gunfire with the police.

Kyari said: “ On 8 March, at about 1p.m., I received an information that a gang of armed robbers who had planned to rob a bank on Isolo road ,Ajao Estate were approaching Lagos from Ogun State through Sango-Ota axis.

“Immediately I received this information, I alerted a team of crack detectives. We quickly moved and laid ambush at Abule-Egba Junction along Lagos /Abeokuta Expressway where the armed robbers were intercepted. After a gun battle with the robbers, seven of them were injured while two of them, identified as Olubode Mudashiru, 27, and Gbenga Joseph, 48, were arrested with bullet wounds.”

He explained that after the arrest, they received further information that one of the operational vehicles of the robbers, a golden colour Toyota Camry carrying three AK-47 rifles and two rocket launchers had driven through Abule-Egba junction towards Ajao Estate/Mushin area of Lagos.

I quickly deployed my men to that area where we were informed that the robbers had lodged at a popular hotel in Meiran area of Lagos, where they normally smoke Indian hemp and drink before embarking on operation. I quickly mobilised SARS operatives to the location.

“On sighting the patrol team, the robbers opened fire at us and we responded. During the gun battle, one of the robbers, Tunji Bamidele, 28, was arrested with one AK-47 rifle and a bag. Other gang members escaped along with two AK-47 rifles in their possession.

“ But one man, identified as Okoro, was shot dead by the robbers as they were trying to escape. We were on operation.We don’t know who is who. It was one of the suspected robbers, Bamidele, who told us that the person that was killed was not one of them.

“We quickly transferred the victim to a morgue, where I took charge of the mortuary bill. We were not the one that shot Okoro,” Kyari said.

According to him, during the operation, SARS recovered two AK-47 rifles, eight AK-47 magazines fully loaded, three locally made double barrel pistols, 65 live catridges along with two of their operational vehicles Toyota Sienna with registration number AKD 54 AG and Nissan Sunny with registration number BT 914 APP.

Source: PM News


  1. This is a country with corrupt politicians, senators, governors and even the judiciary. If I say Nigeria is cursed a group of anonymous bastards would infiltrate my comment with a high level of hypocritical and myopic shit they call replies.

    Police-men are now killing innocent citizens while Armed Robbers, Boko Haram etc are roaming the face of the earth. Shame, big shame.

    Use of Alcohol should be banned for police officers during active periods. I don't see the difference between Iraq, India, Pakistan and other crime rated countries with Nigeria.

    Bad news after bad news - people insulting me cause I tell it as it is. I just hope one day you lot wouldn't be gunned down like this unfortunate man.

    Giant of Africa indeed. More like Ants of Africa.

    1. happyhausabunny20 March, 2013 12:48

      I don't like most of your comments, but I have to agree with you on this one! Nig is not a failing state, it has failed already! Those that are meant to protect us, are the ones killing us like chickens every other day, armed robbers, boko haram, ritualists doing the same too, no regard for human live. Even in your home, you're not safe, this is just pathetic.

    2. So true..



    4. Where is the state cp or P.R.O to give a press statement to the media, whr is NTA and other tv stations that could follow up the case, wen is a court hearing going to bé set, i think bloggers do more for Nigeria than the president. Dats all


    5. This is the first time you have said something worthwhile and the truth is this is how you should view things las you have proffered solutions by saying alcohol should be banned that's good. But, a piece of advice there's a thin line between telling as it is and being hateful and mean stick with the first and refrain from being insultive. Being a cyber bully never helps one. Stay positive cheers...

    6. You nailed it, Prince. You just won my respect today. Good one

  2. Haaaaa! What a country! Those who are supposed to protect citizens are killing them and covering it up with horrendous lies. I couldnt help crying as i read this story. May God have mercy on Nigeria and also comfort Okoro's wife who has suddenly become a widow.

  3. And all fingers stil points @ d govt... poor electricity.shey if he had light he would have been inside his house

  4. The government should ban the police from taking alcoholic drinks. It will help

  5. This is sad. Who gave these men guns. Just who

  6. Police men are meant to protect the citizens. Why has the table turned around now. How can you shoot an harmless man. A man with no weapon. A man who did not resist arrest. Is it not better for you to have arrested him and taking him to your station than killing him. Very sad.

    Rest in peace Mr Eze. May the truth prevail.

  7. SO many things are wrong with Nigeria. We need prayers.

  8. These police men should fear God now

  9. Until these demons with artificial power (government, law enforcement) are removed by force, this country will continue it's downward spiral. As we continue to say "eyah", "let us pray" "our leaders our rubbish", blah blah blah, the end of this nation as we know it cometh. We the people continue to get the leaders we deserve. E never pain us well, if not we will have excavated these cancers! Till then....SIDDON LOOK!

  10. may GOD punish Police officers

    And LIBers say Amen....

    Rip Mmasi Okoro

  11. Are we meant to start killing ourselves now. Smh

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  13. See as they change the whole story! This is how my best friend was kill by this drunk reckless bastard policeman last year! What happen afterwards? NOTHING!
    God dey! God help us!

  14. Imagine,drinking on duty.then they go abt telling folks not to drink n thing I no is,its God who protects not man.see our human protectors getting drunk n killing us.God will punish dem one after d other.

  15. Nigerian police officers need an education. Until the police starts to recruit men who have already acquired a degree, we'll keep having trigger happy illiterates who have not the slightest value for human life. RIP to all those who have been senselessly killed by a police dunce.

  16. Lies, lies, lies. this man should not just insult us with his horrendous lies. who does he think he is narrating the story to, a 2yr old? this is just not right and has to stop either by justice or by revolt. How many innocent souls must pay for our Security agent's greed, callousness, selfishness, foolishness...(and the names go on)?. i weep for my once great country 'Nigeria'.

  17. YET Nigerians will keep quiet and not do anything about this this time last week some ignorant oafs were printing and wearing tee shirts of my oga at the a sane society this kind of case is enough for the police service commission,minister in charge of the police the ig and even nass convene a meeting..
    we are not at war so for policemen to brazenly walk into a street murder an innocent citizen and tax payer in cold blood is totally uncalled for i won't waste my breath huffing and puffing cause i know Nigerians will only talk,pray then move on forgetting about this until the police murder the next person i sha hope people realise that it could very well happen to you

  18. Police men are not trained t̲̣̣̥O̶̲̥̅̊ use guns. Please the guys shld ßξ taken fЯ̩̥̊O̶̲̥̅̊M̶̲̥̅ them. Aint it abt tym we purge our police force???

  19. Police men are not trained t̲̣̣̥O̶̲̥̅̊ use guns. Please the guys shld ßξ taken fЯ̩̥̊O̶̲̥̅̊M̶̲̥̅ them. Aint it abt tym we purge our police force???

  20. so touching and painful, being a police officer(woman) i always warns my relatives whenever u see a police man/men wit gun run away don't wast time trying 2 watch,if u are killed,they'll form lies on u and u can't defend urself u are a dead man, may Okoro soul RIP

    1. Really? Are u kidding me! I hate nigeria nd can't live in dt jungle ! No laws no govt nd judicial system is 0 ! Other part of d world if u see police men uld be happy nd uld feel extra secure!

  21. Police: Custodian of the law indeed. Mtchw... May God punish every police man who is wicked inclined cos No peace 4 d wicked. God, pls hv mercy on dis country, we need it. RIP Sir, and may God be wth d family members you left behind. Sadning. Gud comment PJ

  22. I weep for my country Nigeria, Folks lets not relent in prayer for this Nation, for the fervent and effectual prayer of the righteous availeth much

  23. Kai!! It's a pity.

  24. fuck al nigerian govt an evrybody dat is wit dan fuck u all

  25. Did he not just said dat d robbers said d man killed was not one of them? So how come it was d robbers and not policemen dat killed Mr Okoro? Contradiction. Liars. Many times I wish to go back to naija but meen dse stories are scary. May Almighty God continue to protect our people.