Praising God!!!


I’m so excited once more to tell you about Christ today. I
have been fighting this since the last time I wrote about Him here. It’s just
not forth coming and that has been a major concern to me. Glad that I can do
that now, I feel so much relieved even typing this alone. Yes, today we will be
talking about PRAISE. Praising him. Praising the only ONE who deserves our
There are many forms of praise.  Praise is a very important aspect of our
relationship with God.  God inhabits our
praises and we should not be inhibited in our praise, for our praise glorifies
God. Click to continue reading.

Psalm 149:1-9. The bible itself commands us to praise God. Our
praise is like food unto him. When we praise him, it makes God happy. He is
happy because He is glad that we have not forgotten him. Some people
will tell you that praise is more important than prayer. They are both
important, but in some situations they are right. It gets to a stage that, the
problem you are facing is so much, you have prayed, you don’t even know what to say again,
you feel like giving up, and then you start praising God. And all you do is
keep singing unto him, singing his praises, and all of a sudden, God is
delighted and he stands from his throne and starts dancing, rejoicing and he
looks down and says my daughter/my son, don’t worry all will be well. I have heard
your praises. 
This might be so, because may be all the time you were
praying to God, you were too carried away and you kept praying about that
particular problem, ‘God make a way for me, God make a way for me’. Wow, just
make a way for you? What about the one he made for you the last time, did you
thank him? Thank God you praised him; thank God He opened the way at last for
you. Na praises fit do am for you.
A very good example in the bible are Paul and Silas. They
went about preaching and casting out demons, and the people saw them and reported
them to their authorities. They were bounded and thrown into the prison. And
that was it. But when the night came, they sang praises to God and all of a
sudden, there was a great earthquake and the foundation of the prison started shaking, and all the doors were opened, and everyone’s band was loosed. That is
how great God is, and that is what we can move him to do.
Let me tell you a short story, and this is real. It is only
if God has not done anything for you or anyone you know, that is when you don’t
know how big he is. Years back, a young man had a case in the U.K and his other
siblings phoned his people in Nigeria and said please pray for him, or else he will go to jail.
Then his siblings in Nigeria, 3 young people came together, and started praying
and praising God. And they asked them, what time will the court case start,
they said so so and so time in the morning, they said okay.
As the case was going on, these three young people were
dancing and praising God. They had so much faith in God that the judgement was
going to be in favour of their brother. Just as they rounded up their praises
after dancing and rejoicing in God, they received an international call that
their brother has been freed. Oh well, why should that be surprising though.
How can you call on the creator of the Judge, the one who can soften his heart towards you. He has the keys to his life, so no judge can say no to him. That’s
how big He is. It is only the people who do not know God that suffers. Oh what
a pity. I can go on and on with testimonies. 
You see, sometimes when you know God, you know everyone.
When your enemies say to others, yes we have caught him or her, we will
disgrace him or her, hahaha I usually laugh when I hear this, because you are
just about to disgrace yourself. And not in a small way, but a very big one at
that. You just need to know God and everything will seem right with you. 
All I’m saying is this. Do you want God to grant that thing
you have been asking from him? Well it’s simple, just do this. Stop cursing
people out on blogs. Yes, did you just laugh? Well, it might sound funny and
silly, but the reality is this. Do you think God does not know that blogs
exist? Yes He does. You are looking for a job, and we post: ‘Oh Young Student Gets
A Million Naira Job’ and you say what nonsense job. And another one says, abeg
take several seats. Oh really? God is reserving those seats for you, for real.
Let’s always be happy with ourselves. As a matter of policy and with due
respect to all my readers, whatever we do on earth we will account for it in
heaven. So as many people that will come on Ladun’s blog and start tribal wars,
or type abusive words in Yoruba , Igbo or Hausa, your comments won’t be
published again. No tribe is better. We are all Nigerians, and that is what is
important. To make matters good, they are not even the dedicated commenters.
How many dedicated commenters have used words like ‘oloriburuku, oloshi e.t.c’ I
mean, that’s so wrong. I am not saying you shouldn’t say the truth, but ki lo
de, why call someone such names. Someone you don’t even know, someone you haven’t
met. You all are anons. God help us all. No more curses o. We will take
comments, but curses, no way. This life is too sweat, please let’s all enjoy it
and leave curses with the devil and his agents.
Lastly, you need to acknowledge God as your personal Lord
and Saviour. Because you can’t have one god in your bedroom that you sacrifice
eko and palmoil to, and then come out after it has failed you and start singing
praises to God. Why don’t you save your energy, because such praises won’t be
accepted. If you are yet to know Him, close your eyes and acknowledge him as
your personal Lord and saviour. Tell him you are sorry, and tell him that you are
ready to serve him now. Like I always say, find a bible believing church next
to you and join them for service. They will always lead you right. God bless us

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