JUST IN: Could My Ex’s Son Be My Child?


I was in a relationship with a lady last year before we broke up. We were very close but something set us apart. We broke up eight months ago. Yesterday she gave birth to a baby boy. She told me the last time we spoke on the phone before we broke up that she was feeling unusual and that was eight months ago. I called her this morning to congratulate her and asked her if she was sure the baby isn’t mine. She hanged up the phone and her phone has been switched off since morning till now. She has also deleted me on her BB. I called her younger sister and she pleaded with me that i should not pour sand sand in her sister’s garri. Something tells me that boy is mine. I know she does not sleep around. I am so confused i don’t know what to do. I don’t want another man to help me train my child. How do i fight a man who is richer than me? Ladun please help me post this. This is my story.

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