Saturday, April 20, 2013

Photos: 156 Dead, 6,000 Injured As Earthquake Hits China This Morning

At least 156 people have been killed and thousands more left injured after a powerful earthquake jolted China's Sichuan province near the same area where a devastating quake struck five years ago.

More than 5,500 people are reported to have been injured in the earthquake which struck mountainous Lushan county shortly after 8am this morning local time, and 19 people have been reported missing in the wake of the tremor. The earthquake toppled buildings, triggered landslides and disrupted phone and power connections in the region.
Confusion: Girls in their pyjamas gathered outside buildings in Chongqing, China, after the earthquake hit this morning. More pics after the cut.

Aftermath: People were seen walking over the rubble of collapsed buildings after the devastating earthquake.
Taking shelter: Families were seen gathered outside a building in Chengdu, China this morning in the aftermath of the earthquake.

Casualties: People gathered on the street and away from buildings in Shifang in Sichuan province in case of aftershocks


  1. God please save your people

  2. Lord have mercy. Dis earthquake of a tin is becoming sm tin else in china. May their souls rest in peace. And quick recovering to those injured.

  3. It was America and now it is China.

  4. Why is that
    natural disasters
    tend to hit asia
    countries more than
    any other part of the

    1. Geography go and read up.

  5. Oh Lord help save our world.

  6. @end may there so rest in peace endtime God save me

  7. Y'all complaining dat our country is bad?
    Ok, go to china, or japan n' get killed by rolling stones.
    I fink each country has dia own trouble.

    Look @ d pics, sm pple r smiling! Itz normal.
    Folks pinging like dia rooms only got flooded wif water. Lord!!!
    In afgan, children skip over mines(bombs) lyk dey playing "Square"

    Rite now our major problem is "BH"
    Let's wipe em out en masse

    Shoot @ sight
    Give em a mass burial
    Dust our hands
    & prepare for a revolution.

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