So You Do Not Want To Get Pregnant?


Lol this is a s*x talk and i didn’t write this. When you finish come back HERE to go to her website. I know most of you will like this, smh *looking away* lol.

Nobody is having s*x. Your friends are not doing it. Only the girls in sunday school or the ones in your class who get pregnant before the degree program is over, those are the people having s*x.

We all have someone we know or that friend we least expect who “suddenly” gets pregnant. It is just shocking.

I am here to help, this article is NOT for the ladies here whose only chance of pregnancy is through immaculate conception. Move Along…I am not here to debate on premarital s*x.

So you do not want to get pregnant? Stop having s*x. Abstinence is the only method of contraception that is 100% effective. Impossible? Please click to continue.

I have noticed that many people have the wrong ideas about contraceptives, when i say contraceptives what comes to mind is emergency contraceptive an example Postinoor2 (a popular brand). This does not cut it as a regular method of contraception. A lot of people are afraid to try other methods because of the perceived risks. Use of emergency contraceptives as regular contraceptives has more side effects than the regular oral contraceptives. Emergency contraceptives usually are a high dose of hormones shot in the body system!

To avoid boring you with medical jargon and confusing you, let us get to the thick of things. I would talk about various contraceptive methods in this series.

Let us begin with Coitus Interruptus.

Do not be alarmed by the fancy sounding name, for some of the more experienced ones amongst us its the most common. Simply put it is called the Withdrawal Method.

What is the Withdrawal Method? It is the contraceptive method that prevents fertilization by preventing contact between the sperm and egg. The male partner removes his p*nis from the vagina and external genitalia of the female before ejaculation occurs. In other words he does not cum inside.

The effectiveness ( chance of not getting pregnant) is 4% to 19% ( bet you did not know that).

The Pros and Cons

It costs nothing, Involves no chemicals, no devices, it is available in every situation.

The chances of getting pregnant with this method is much higher than with other methods.

Some men do not know when to withdraw.

Some men do not withdraw in time.

It interrupts the excitement, the most pleasurable state (for the men).

High risk of contracting a s*xually transmitted disease.

What are your thoughts about this method? Do the pros outweigh the cons?

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