I Used To Drive A Vintage Ford Owned By Only Two Of Us In The Whole Of Lagos…Now I’m Going For A Monster Truck- Yomi Casual


Yomi Casual is Comedian Ay’s younger brother and a designer. He recently spoke with Punch, and here is a little from the interview.

Who owns the car you post on your Instagram account?

It is actually a Chrysler 300, all pimped out. That is my recent baby. I call that car my baby because I love cars a lot. I got the car in 2012 and it cost me about N4m. My next car is going to be very crazy, I am going for a monster truck. I’m just living my life like my mentor, Mudi. If you know him, he has crazy cars. You would just see his number plate on one flashy vintage car. Now he just got a 505, 1958 model, very crazy. I love crazy stuffs. I used to drive a vintage Ford. It is a pimped out Ford. It was just two of us that own that edition of Ford in the whole of Lagos. They know me with that car, it is like my brand. If you see that car, you will know that Yomi is coming. What I want to go for now is a monster truck; the ones with the really big tyres. I just want to make a statement with that truck.” Click to continue.

How about your fiancé?

My childhood girlfriend, she knows me as Omoniyi Makun not Yomi Casual. We started the relationship in Warri. I am in a distant relationship. It is not easy but God has been helping me. She is from Warri, Delta State. She knew me when I started, when I was still an artist, then I used to do hand-made cards, signboards in Warri. We met one fateful day while it was raining. She helped me with an umbrella and that was how we met.

How come you are still together?

I still don’t know. She is not a very beautiful girl. You know Lagos, if you are a celebrity, you want to marry a very beautiful girl; a red carpet wife. My mentor told me, ‘Yomi, don’t follow Lagos people oo and say you want to marry a red carpet wife. There is a red carpet wife and there is the real wife’. I am not after a red carpet wife because with a red carpet wife, you don’t know what the man is facing inside the house. You see them outside looking all clean and you wish to be like them. When they get indoors and you see what the man is going through, you will not want to marry a beautiful girl. My fiancé is God-fearing, very wise, same age group.

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