JUST IN: Ladun Very Urgent Pics Of My Br**st! My Br**st Stopped Growing At Age 13- LL Reader


This mail just came in now. And here is how she sent it in. Please help if you can.

Hi ladun,

Am a loyal reader of your blog! Love how u have brought about awareness and saved lives. Ladun, am a 23 year old female, but the issue is my breast stopped growing at the age of 13! Ever since I was 13 year old there has been no development!

I have tried a lot of pills and creams advertised on magazines! Even from the famous dr sandra! they didn’t  work. Click to continue reading.

Please LLB readers! Is there any way to breast enlargement apart from surgery?(Surgery is expensive can’t afford it).

Please kindly tell me!

I know most of you would tell me to love myself,be contented e.t.c! But tell me how won’t my self esteem be low when its still the same YOU people that call me nasty names because of my under developed breast.

As to why I included a picture its because I want you to see and know may be you will actually  be pleased or even long for such a size.

Please all I need from you LLB readers is advice and remedy,please no insults.


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