Oh Lord! Desperation Reincarnated! Toke Makinwa, Toni Tones and Karen Igho By Emmy Collins


This guy needs to take several seats, lol. He wrote this piece on his blog and got Toni Tones angry. In Toni’s reply on twitter, she simply asked him to come out of the closet already, lol. Read the article below.

Anyone with a slight knowledge of me would testify that I LOVE pushing boundaries and I recommend same to others as well. However, I am the first to give people the heads up with regards to the risks involved in pushing the boundaries. The risks should never serve as a deterrent though as one cannot genuinely claim to be stylish while playing safe. Just like life, fashion without risks is very boring, VERY boring.

To pull off strong looks one has to have strong character to complement the looks or else it won’t fly. My conviction has always been that the best fashion accessory is ones personality. With the right personality an individual could probably put on a sack of sugar and come off looking like a million bucks, likewise another individual who lacks personality could deck up in the most expensive of ensembles and yet seem like yesterday`s left-over meal .

Below are images of individuals who tried to push the boundries but the boundries pushed them instead,Well I am not sure if am making any sense.

I am definitely gonna get into trouble for this one because most ladies don`t quite appreciate anyone portraying their fashion sense in  bad light but hey,that is part of the hazards of being blunt so I am perfectly cool with it.

I hope these ladies see this for what it is,Emmy just being Emmy,nothing personal.After all I have not shot anyone yet or have I inadvertently done that ?

Toni Tones

I am struggling to ascertain what is worse here,the cheapness of the fabric or the design.In an enviroment where flat bellies are quickly becoming endangered,yup,I said it,endangered, I must commend her though for sort of fairly flat tommy and well formed breast but there gotta be a more tasteful manner to show them off.Everything about this dress simply hurts my eyes.In the world of Madame Coco Chanel “A woman must be two thing,CLASSY AND FABOULOUS”.Well,this is the exact opposite.I don`t percieve neither class nor fablousness here.

I love you dearly Toni,but I am afraid I have to give this one FIST down as thumps down will be too magnanimous.Nothing personal,darling.I really really wish I could hold my nose and let this one pass but then I would be lying to my readers.

I give her top grade for audacity though but the dress isn`t working for me.

karen Igho

Wow,wow and wowwww.What was she thinking? Ok,I appreciate the fact sheer is sort of the craze of the moment,at least for those who would rather get weighed down by trend,however,I am at a total loss why she reckoned this was even remotely s*xy.I know you probably paid top dollar for the babies up there but that ain`t no reason for this atrocious combo going on here.If this was any tackier than this,it would be utterly surreal.And that tatoo?I say shoot the tatooist.

It might be absolutely fair to tag this “desperation reincarneted”

This is DEFINITELY one way not to push boundary,sweetheart.

I love you too,Karen xxx

Toke makinwa

Oh dear,I just think this cheap lace contratsed with sort of cheap velvet dress is hideous,period.It is not about the design but more about the fabric.Please,I need the name of the designer.If I never ever come accross any dress made out of this fabric,I will die with a smile on my ugly face.

On a serious note,I was under the impression that Toke has a stylist.Pardon me for asking but what is the job description of the the stylist?Or has Toke gone against proffessional advice?

I am just curious.

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