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Thanks to everyone who has contributed to REAL ISSUES WITH OLISEH. I must confess that I never knew that it would be a hit. Aside the online comments, I received personal mails with some requesting for my phone lines.

I really need lots of grace, inspiration and wisdom from God and your prayers. I only pledge to offer my best in form of counsel when I can. I must confess that I am not the answer to anyone’s problem, God is.

I encourage you to speak instead of dying in silence. For those I have not replied their personals, please pardon me as I will do so as soon as possible. Please click to read his reply to the lady whose husband is cheating on her.

‘My Husband is cheating on me’

To the lady whose husband is cheating on, I really share in your pain. I am assuming that your assertion that he is cheating on you is true because you did not give any further information to buttress your claim. All the same, I want to first commend your declaration that you will never cheat on him. Please, never do that, not just because you love him but also because you will be hurting yourself too and offending God.

I want to state that there is no reason to justify infidelity in marriage but here we are trying to touch the root causes of subject at hand, to see how you can begin to work at getting your man back. Considering your age, your marriage must still be quite young. Though I do not have much details but I want to start by looking at some possible reasons why a man may cheat on his wife. Some of them include, but not limited to the following. !) Lack of s*xual satisfaction from wife (quantity and quality wise), 2) inability of wife to live up to his expectations (personal difference), 3) he just want to prove to be a man by going hunting and conquering (to satisfy personal ego), 4) if he does not love his wife any more, 5) due to external female pressure, 6) peer pressure 7) many other reasons.

But infidelity does not start in one day. Most times it is a result of relationship break down which has its origin in lack of effective communication in marriage. The mistake must women make is to start fighting and making troubles with the man. This is most times counterproductive because you will succeed in pushing him further into the arms of the other woman. If your aim is to reclaim you husband, (which I think is the ideal thing to do) my advice is that you first try and discover where ‘you’ missed it; where the affair went wrong. I am not saying that it’s your fault but you need to pay the price and have your man back. Be good to him, show him love as much as possible and prayerfully try to reclaim the heart of your husband. If you are still having quality time and communication with him, discuss it with him and trust God for a change of heart.

Again without trying to justify infidelity, I want to say that the men are now daily exposed to all sorts of s*xual temptation. S*x is everywhere; on television, music, ladies physical dressing etc. Because of the mental wiring of women, it does not tempt as it does men. I advise every married woman to always pray about their husbands’ s*xuality.

Finally my sister, God is the father of all. He sees and knows what you are passing through and He is interested in your joy. Go to Him in prayer and ask for deliverance for your husband. Pray against every s*xual soul tie. S*x is deeper than we know.

Last word: If he continues, please protect yourself from s*xual transmitted diseases.

I pray that God will intervene and heal your marriage.

Though some women end up accepting it in their marriage, other don’t, which is natural if you really love your man.

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