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what guys, i am so excited to introduce this new segment; Real Issues with
Olise’ Obi
. I have read a lot about him and the way he has been touching lives
and saving marriages. I spoke to him to be a guest writer on the blog and he
accepted. Do you have any question bothering you in what so ever way? This man
is ready to help. Guess what, you could throw in questions, send real life
issues bothering you and he would help us out with that after we have all
discussed it. The next line you would be reading is his. I promise you guys,
it’s going to be real fun. Click to continue.

Welcome to Real Issues!

My name is Olisemeka Obi.  For more than 10 years now, I have being in the business of sharing my personal experiences with people. Though still in my mid forty, I know that my experience may have one thing or the other to offer to those in their 80s. I can boldly say that I have seen and tested life (the hard, messy, good and beautiful). I can also proudly say that God saved me from going beyond a certain level. Little wonder that I always say that I am a product of God’s grace.

Imagine these: I had my first cigarette while in primary 5, first ‘s*x’ in Primary 6. Notice that s*x here is in quotes because I did not know what I did because I never initiated it. I also had a ‘sugar mummy’ in Class 2. This is just a tip of the iceberg. But the irony was that what the devil wanted to use to destroy me was what God used to save me. It was a girlfriend that actually led me to God. I hope that you are not hoping to be like me because you may not be as lucky as I was. On the positive side, I was initiated into business early through my late mother’s various entrepreneurial runs. This is coupled with the fight to escape poverty. Now I love creating, running, teaching and re-innovating businesses.

I had no option but to grow up.

Life is all about growing up.  But growing up is not about age. You can age but not grow up. Growing up is to maturity while aging is to getting old. My vision is to help people grow up. I have seen the theories and I have also seen the practical. On this blog, I will try to break the theories into practical sizes. Be it issues relating to relationship, marriage, s*x, business or our walk with Christ etc.

I would like to get responses and feed backs from you on REAL ISSUES bordering you. This is your platform to have a goodly insight to issues of life. I promise to ensure that you have clear and unadulterated insights and solutions. I will also be praying for people who would seek my partnership in that regard.

The journey on REAL ISSUES has begun. I am waiting to hear from you. I love you all.

Yours, Oliseh!

Facebook: @ Olisemeka Obi
Twitter: @ olisemekaobi



Olisemeka Obi is a certified Life Coach, Relationship and Marriage Counselor with many years of experience in training, counselling and mentoring. He trained as a Strategic Communicator/Public Relation Practitioner.

His experience covers various areas including Federal Civil Service, Sports Writing/Marketing, Business Development, Strategic Communication and Training.

Aside heading Glorygate Communications Network, a PR and Communication outfit, , he also runs an Empowerment Organization, DirectImpact, through which he teaches healthy success principles in the different spheres of life.

He is the host of the Step-Up Seminar and is in high demand for conferences and seminars. Olise’ is married and bless with 3 children.

He has a passion to see the enthronement of quality relationships and the empowerment of the people financially and spiritually.

Facebook: @ Olisemeka Obi
Twitter: @ olisemekaobi


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