SAD: Cancer Patient Kingsley Nwabueze Dies


This is really sad. Most of you read about him HERE last month. Kingsley Nwabueze was a 6th year medical student in Lugansk State Medical University and has just about 2 months left to become a full medical Doctor.

Unfortunately he had cancer of the liver and we helped in raising funds for him. He made it to India but gave up the ghost yesterday afternoon which made it his fourth day there. Below is a mail i got from his colleagues ‘Kingsley Nwabuisi Health fund committee’. May his soul rest in peace. Click to continue.

Hi Ladun thanks for everything and all your help. I just wanted to let you know that the young doctor has passed on. Am grateful for the way you answered to our plea. May the almighty God always be there for you at the point of ur need.

Below is the breakdown i got from the committee in-charge of raising funds.


1. After arrival in India, the hospital started diagnostic procedures, while administering supportive therapy on him.

2. His condition improved remarkably within the first 4 days in India and he began to feed and feel better

3. When all the results from diagnostic tests were out it was discovered that his hematologic and hemodynamic indices were very bad. Therefore, at the meeting of the Doctors last Thursday it was decided that all forms of invasive and radical therapies (including surgery) could not be commenced until these indices were brought under control.

4. On Saturday, his condition deteriorated. On Sunday he was transferred to the ICU of the hospital where efforts were made to control his vitals. Unfortunately the efforts of the Doctors of the hospital were futile.

5. It is therefore with so much sorrow that we announce to us all that KINGSLEY NWABUISI DIED in the afternoon of yesterday, Sunday 5th day of May 2013.

6. It is indeed a very trying time for us all. We are sad that our efforts to keep him with us were in vain.

7. We thank you all for your contributions, support and prayers. We shall make an account of the funds collected so far. The excess funds we have remaining will be sent to his family to help them with funeral arrangements.

8. May the eternal light of God shine on him and may God grant his soul a peaceful rest in Heaven. Amen.

Thank you

On behalf of Kingsley Nwabuisi Health fund committee

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