I Know The Father Of My Baby- Laide Bakare


                                   Laide and Mr Tunde Oriowo during their Nikkah ceremony in Lagos

If you have been following their story, then you will know why this mail was sent in. Laide says her new born baby belongs to her new man, Mr Oriowo and not her former husband who claims the child is his.

Here is a mail i received from her publicist;

This is just to disabuse the minds of skeptics, as a first step. Nollywood actress, Laide Bakare, was duly married to businessman, Mr. Tunde Oriowo a.k.a. ATM. These are pictures from the Nikkah ceremony that was held quietly in Lagos. Also, as the pictures speak, Laide Bakare was carrying Mr. Oriowo’s baby at the time.

For the nine months that she was pregnant, during which the Muslim wedding was held, Laide was under the watch and care of no other man but Mr. Oriowo who played well his roles as husband and father.

Reactions to other pettiness would come up in due course. Another picture of the couple below.

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