If God Favours You, The Man Who Wants To Sleep With You But Has Not Succeeded Will Still Continue To Help You- Biodun Okeowo


Biodun Okeowo is a Yoruba actress and a movie producer. She talks about s*x in the movie world and why women are more favored than men in a recent interview.

Many men have come to me with money and have said I like you and I want to sleep with you, and I have turned them down. I have evidences, I told the last person, who tried it with me that if he has succeeded with other actresses in the movie industry, he should not try it with me because, even if I am hungry, I know what to do to put food on my table. I won’t resort to prostitution or doing runs. I am not bragging but I have proved it severally.

If you go to any part of the world, you will realise that women are more favored than men. The truth is that a woman can leave her house without money and come back with cash and it doesn’t mean she has rubbished herself. The fact is that if you have the favor of God, things will work out well for you. The man, who wants to sleep with you but has not succeeded, will still continue to do things for you, despite the fact that you have refused to date him. The opportunity I just described is not often available to men.

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